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What does Teddy Bridgewater have to do to stick with the Broncos past 2021?

Mile High Report weighs in

After months of speculation, the Broncos have decided on a starting quarterback. When the offense sees the field against the New York Giants, it will be Teddy Bridgewater under center. Vic Fangio said he discussed the competition with other members of the coaching staff and front office, but that ultimately he made the call.

“I talked to all the offensive coaches individually. I talked a lot with [Offensive Coordinator] Pat [Shurmur] and [Quarterbacks Coach] Mike [Shula], obviously. I talked a lot with [General Manager] George [Paton]. George kept [President of Football Operations] John [Elway] abreast of everything. When John was here, I could never talk to John because I was either on the field or in player meetings. George relayed me John’s opinions. It was a conglomeration, but ultimately, I had to make the decision.”

It’s worth keeping in mind that while Bridgewater won the starting job out of training camp, there’s no guarantee he holds the position all season. Fangio alluded to this in his press conference on Wednesday. When asked if he believes the veteran can start all season, the Broncos’ head coach said he hopes Teddy can be the guy “because we’re playing good and winning,” which leaves the door open to make a switch. It makes sense if the competition was as close as Fangio’s said it was all through camp.

“There wasn’t a lot of separation. Both guys had good camps. They both played well. They both had their down moments, and they both had their good moments. I thought it was good, overall, for both of them. We made this decision [because] we think it’s the best for the team moving forward. We have two good quarterbacks—two quarterbacks that we can win with. Unfortunately, you can’t play with two.”

Now that the dust has begun to settle on the QB competition, Scotty Payne and Joe Rowles thought it made sense to take a moment and look ahead. The rest of us reluctantly entertained the question.

What does Teddy Bridgewater have to do to earn a contract extension or second contract with the Broncos?


- Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Not only win games, but be the reason Denver wins games. This isn’t 2015 and building to be the 2015 Broncos isn’t a strategy.

- Jeff Essary

Probably something relatively crazy like throwing 30+ TDs (in slightly other words: be a top 10 QB for the season). I don’t see either QB currently on the roster being in the team’s long term plans at the position. To change that, he’d have to absolutely kill it this season.

- Taylor Kothe

I’m just glad Fangio and the Broncos named a starter. I’m not going to get too far ahead of this news.

- Ian St. Clair

I’m not ready to discuss the future. Let the next QB controversy start in January.

- Tim Lynch

Playoff win and average 26 points per game

- Adam Malnati

That’s not something I think we can quantify right now. Teddy has been on a roller coaster the past few seasons and so have the Broncos. Let’s get through the season and see what we think then. The Broncos have the cap space and a roster just asking for a stud QB to come win. We can dream big next offseason, but for now I think the focus needs to be on this team getting back to playing winning football one game at a time.

- Sadaraine

Playoffs obviously, but a 2 to 1 TD to INT ratio at least, have the offense at least average with most metrics and potentially even win a playoff game to solidify his spot with the team

- Scotty Payne

This may not be a popular thought at the moment, but if the Broncos season goes as hoped Bridgewater’s in a good position to stick around as a veteran bridge to whoever George Paton eventually drafts. He’s not so old that he’s likely to fall off a cliff anytime soon, and if the last two seasons are any indication he should provide Denver with the best quarterback play we’ve seen since Case Keenum. While it may not be exciting, that kind of stabilizing force could be appealing to a team that knows better than most how hard it is to find a franchise quarterback.

During the competition we heard multiple times about how good Bridgewater was for Drew Lock to learn from, and his experiences across the league would be beneficial to a young player. Keeping him around could buy time for a rookie to get his feet under him and provide the coaching staff a chance to iron out wrinkles before Paton’s “guy” is thrown into the fire.

Of course this could all go out the window if Bridgewater gets benched or loses his job to Lock this season. It could also change quickly if Aaron Rodgers does become available in 2022.

- Joe Rowles