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Broncos must believe they have 2019 Teddy Bridgewater

Tim Jenkins gives a great breakdown of Teddy Bridgewater’s 2019 season under play calls that are similar to what we’ve seen from Denver this preseason.

There is much debate over quarterbacks anywhere Denver Broncos are able to meet and chat since Head Coach Vic Fangio named Teddy Bridgewater the team’s starter heading into the 2021 season. A lot of people point to Bridgewater’s struggles in 2020, which they seem to disregard when it comes to Drew Lock - but I digress, however, if you look at Bridgewater with the New Orleans Saints in 2019 you get a much different picture.

Tim Jenkins broke Bridgewater’s game down from that season in the video above with a focus on how similar some of the concepts that Saints team ran and with what we’ve seen from the Broncos in the preseason.

If this is what Denver gets out of Teddy Bridgewater, then this offense could be a lot better than people give credit for.