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Teddy Bridgewater: “This entire team is hungry.”

After officially being named Week 1 starting QB for Denver, Teddy Bridgewater talked about the impact he wants to make on this team, and the foundation he hopes they’ve been building in training camp.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s three-day-old news that after a very publicized and anticipated competition between quarterbacks, Teddy Bridgewater has officially been named the Broncos’ Week 1 starter. We could talk about Bridgewater’s past successes, but the decision was based on this season’s training camp and preseason performances.

In last week’s game vs Seahawks, Teddy completed 9 of 11 passes (105 yards) and led the team to two touchdowns, one of those TDs coming from a drive where they converted on fourth-and-five at Seattle’s 40-yard line.

He’s not taking any of it for granted, either. The QB sees this as an opportunity for the team to grow together, and he is looking forward to watching that unfold while taking on a leadership role.

“This entire team is hungry,” he assured the press in a conference On August 25, “We know the talent that we have here, and we know what’s in store for us...hopefully we’re putting together a solid foundation in training camp so when the season comes around, we can just get rolling.”

Bridgewater is, without a doubt, excited about this chance and taking the job seriously. “I’m just happy that I get an opportunity,” he said, “I’m happy that I get to continue to lead and be the same guy that I am today, and the same guy that I was yesterday.”

This decision for Fangio to name Bridgewater as their main guy doesn’t come without some disappointment for Drew Lock, as well as any fans who hoped for a different outcome. It is important to recognize that Lock accepted the competition’s outcome with grace and full-fledged support for Bridgewater.

“It was disappointing,” Lock admitted, “But I’m going to do everything I can for this team, for Teddy, and keep the momentum going forward as far as my play goes.”

Teddy is excited about their comradery going forward, too. “Drew is a guy—he’s been competing since I got here,” He said of the QB, “I’m excited for him and what’s in store for him. I’m happy that we’re all on the same team and in the same room.”

#5 went on to remind everyone that Fangio and the whole team believes they can win with “both guys,” Bridgewater or Lock. He assured that he’s still going to push his fellow quarterback in the same way he did while they competed.

“It’s one of those deals where we get to continue to make each other better, and ultimately, make this team better,” he said.

On his new role as starter, Bridgewater expressed how badly he wants to contribute to the team’s success. “That’s been my mindset everywhere I’ve been,” he said, “How can I leave an everlasting impact on this organization?”

Asked whether he expected to become their starter, Bridgewater admitted that he just wanted to make an impact in whatever way that he could. And he was excited to see the weapons Denver had in the offense.

“From a playing standpoint, it was one of those deals where you can’t do anything but be excited,” he explained, “We have a bunch of guys who are young and eager to continue to have success in this league for the ones who’ve had success. We have some guys who want to make a name for themselves in this league.”

Bridgewater added that when he arrived, he was looking forward to working with them and seeing what motivated them. “I’m a student every day that I come to this facility,” he said, “I can learn from different guys, that’s my approach.”

On if he has something to prove this season, the QB made it clear that he’s not finished improving, but his focus is the bigger picture.

“I definitely live every day with a chip on my shoulder, but at the same time, it’s not just about me,” he explained, “We have other guys in this locker room who come to work every day and sacrifice so much to be here. They sacrifice so much on gameday.”