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The Broncos’ defense will carry them to the playoffs

On this week’s Cover 2 Broncos, Coach Alexander and I took a look at how the defensive roster will thrive in Fangio’s defense.

If you’ve been keeping up with the last couple episodes of Cover 2 Broncos, you’re already well aware that the Broncos have the second best playoff odds of any team in the AFC West. Believe it or not, they could make it to the Super Bowl.

With so many critical players facing contract years, this 2021 roster feels like an apex in many aspects. The salary cap could make it difficult to field so much burgeoning talent again next year, so the opportunity to capitalize is now. This belief influenced how I’ve looked at every move George Paton made in his first offseason as general manager. The window is now.

With all eyes currently locked on the ongoing quarterback battle, it’s easy to forget how the Denver’s odds at a Lombardi depend on Vic Fangio building the defense into an elite unit. Fortunately Coach Alexander took the time out of preparing for his upcoming season to talk to a fellow Bronco fan about how it will can come together.

Just a few of the things we discussed:

  • What’s the difference between creepers and simulated pressure?
  • How can Fangio maximize the Broncos’ secondary?
  • Where do the pieces fit best?
  • What coverages does Fangio utilize most?
  • What would more dime personnel mean for the Broncos?
  • Patrick Surtain II.
  • How does Fangio protect his linebackers in coverage?
  • Breaking down safety play in the Broncos’ defense, including what they do, what traits are required, the differences between a strong and free.
  • Box vs. spill.
  • Will all the light boxes hurt the Broncos’ run defense?
  • Do the Broncos have the personnel to be a good run defense?
  • Shaking the vending machine: Two gapping in the modern NFL.
  • Penny: Fangio’s modern bear front.
  • The Broncos’ NASCAR package: how Bradley Chubb unlocks the pressure packages.
  • The importance of Mike Purcell.
  • What can the Broncos do against Travis Kelce and Darren Waller?
  • A big matchup question hanging over the Kansas City Chiefs games.
  • The Broncos’ core pieces going forward: will Paton extend Von Miller?
  • Is Vic Fangio a good defensive coordinator and bad head coach?

As always, I tried to take a pragmatic approach to my favorite team. There’s a ton of questions hanging over the defense because of Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, Bryce Callahan, and Mike Purcell’s health. Reports out of camp suggest all should be good to go when Brandon McManus kicks off against the Giants. If so, this defense could be special.

Let’s go Broncos.