Ready for the hate - Sign Cam Newton

Yep, I am sure I am going to be peppered with hate here, but hear me out.

Let's admit one thing here, our weakest link on this team is QB, I don't care if you are a TB guy or a Lock guy, but if we are honest, at best our QB play is going to be average. And maybe that works, but the goal is to win the SB every year. And call me crazy, but this team could be a SB contending team with a better QB.

So I will start with that premise for my defense of this idea.

I get it, Cam is a polarizing figure. He can be equally annoying and obviously makes some bone headed decisions. But from a pure talent standpoint, Cam has more talent than our current QB room. I am not making the statement he should start over Bridgewater or Lock, just that on a purely talent standpoint he has that.

Cam's best seasons in Carolina came under Mike Shula as the OC (our current QB coach). If anyone knows how to get the best performance out of Cam it would be Mike Shula.

So why sign him, he's a low risk high reward type of investment. Sign him to a one year prove it deal. At worse, he comes in with a bad attitude and you cut him, his salary wouldn't be guaranteed and you would be out maybe a small signing bonus.

Here is the thing with Cam, I don't know if he will ever be the player he was in Carolina. Maybe too many hits, too many injuries, has diminished him. You may say he was bad last year under McDaniels, which is fair, but in honesty, he was coming off an injury onto a new team with the COVID situation and having many of the Pats better players opting out last season, he wasn't given a ton to work with.

Here he won't be expected to start. Best case scenario, TB proves all the critics wrong, we have an outstanding year and Cam newton is a cheer leader and a guy maybe you bring in for some gadget or RPO plays near the goal line to increase our TD percentages.

The Broncos can let him sit and gain an understanding of the offense, they can let him develop some timing and chemistry with the WOs, have him run the scout team to play the part of guys like Patrick Mahoomes so the defense can be better prepared. And should it look like our QB position is failing us, he maybe gives you a dynamic playmaker who can rescue the Broncos season and in part rescue his career.

I think this would be a no brainer of a choice to have him as your third QB, you can still keep Rypien on the PS. If it looks like he is picking up the offense and meshing well with the team, then you could also maybe look to move Drew Lock mid season for some draft capital if TB is doing fine.

As I said, bring the hate, but I think this would be an easy choice. Some team is going to sign him, hopefully it's the Broncos.

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