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Broncos need to re-establish a culture of winning

And as they discussed on Broncos Country Tonight, the best way to do that is to start the season fast with a handful of early wins.

Ryan Edwards asked defensive lineman Mike Purcell about the difference between having a will to win and being tired of losing.

Edwards mentioned that Broncos players seemed to have the “tired of losing” hunger and appeared to lead Purcell to elaborate on that with the same premise.

But Purcell took the question a different way and focused on the perception that goes along with each mentality. While both aim for the same goal - winning - one perspective is more positive while the other is negative.

And Purcell would like the Broncos to focus on the positive.

“When you’re sick of losing, it’s a different attitude than wanting to win. You’re down because you’re sick of losing, so you’re attitude is down; it’s poor,” Purcell said. “With the will to win, you’re looking at the positive side of things and you’re excited and you’ll work to get to that point to be a winner.”

Edwards acknowledged the different take, and then he and Allbright discussed how that kind of mental shift could be really important for a team that needs to win to turn around five seasons of losing - a culture of losing.

Allbright added that getting a fast start and winning right out of the gate is so important for team confidence - and that’s important for finding the will to win close, hard-fought games.

“You need to start off hot. After you’ve been a culture of losing, after you’ve been a team that’s losing, if you start the year losing games, you get in the ‘oh, here we go again’ mindset,” Allbright said. “If you can bank those wins early, it makes you confident that ‘oh we’ve got something here’ and suddenly guys are giving a little bit extra, so I think it’s vitally important.”

And I completely agree. The importance of the Broncos beating the Giants is much less about being 1-0 and much more about getting validation for putting in the hard work to turn things around and get back to a culture of winning.

Winning on Sunday gives this team confidence that it’s not going to be another season of losing.