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8 winners and no losers from the Broncos 27-13 win over the Giants

Well, one loser. The Giants. But the Broncos won so who cares?!

Was it how you dreamt it would be? We have been waiting for years to celebrate a win for the Denver Broncos in September, and now we can. Enjoy it Broncos Country! Even with a slow start, and a few mishaps, the Broncos pulled away from the New York Giants in the end.

With all the joy around that win, we won’t be talking about any losers. Even the Jerry Jeudy injury news came back much more positive than expected. So let’s get to the fun.


Vic Fangio

No reason to start anywhere else. While Broncos Country has been impatiently waiting for a win in the first month of the season, the weight of all those early season losses must have been crushing the Broncos head coach. I imagine the word “finally” running through his head. And to win in a convincing fashion, on the road, must be that much sweeter. As a football lifer, Fangio has waited a long time for this type of celebration.

Teddy Bridgewater

It has been a long offseason. After winning the QB battle, it was important for Bridgewater to come out and make a statement. And 28/36 for 264 yards and two TDs was certainly a solid way to start the season. Add to that zero INTs, and it was a great start to the season. But that wasn’t the only thing that stood out. Bridgewater showed poise throughout the game. The drive at the end of the first half, culminating in a Tim Patrick touchdown, was the perfect example of the efficiency and resilience that Teddy 2 Gloves brings to the offense.

Tim Patrick

Speaking of Patrick, what a game. His TD was a great way to end the half - 4 for 4 on 4 targets for 39 yards. He stepped up in big moments and was a nice piece to the puzzle throughout the game. The shift in momentum as the first half ended carried into the second half, and throughout the game.

Albert Okwuegbunam

Albert O. almost found himself on the loser list. His fumble as the Broncos were nearing the goal line could have really been a problem. It looked like they were going to immediately answer the Giants touchdown with a great drive and a score. Instead, the fumble forced the defense to step up, and hold New York. They did, and the next drive was the Patrick TD. Coming out of the half, Albert O. made a catch early in the drive. Then, near the goal line he made a nice move after the catch and reached out for the score. Big moments mitigate mistakes.

Josey Jewel and Malik Reed

Combining for a strip and fumble recovery, Jewel and Reed put an end to a Giants drive that could have kept them in the game. It changed the complexion of the matchup when Jewel forced a Daniel Jones fumble as he scrambled for the first down. Reed coming up with the recovery finished off the play, and from that point forward, the game never really felt close.

Melvin Gordon

His stat line is a little skewed because of his 70-yard TD in the 4th quarter, but that score couldn’t have come at a better time. It hadn’t really felt like a close game, but when Gordon hit the after burners to put the Broncos up by 19 (20 after Brandon McManus hit the extra point), you had to know the game was over. That was effectively the end of the game. It would have taken a miracle comeback from the Giants. Gordon was solid throughout the game, and he pounded home the final nail in the coffin.

Pat Shurmur

Perhaps we have been a little hard on him since his arrival in Denver. There were definitely some struggles in 2020. However, this game was very good for Shurmur and his offense. He called a good game. It was well executed. You have to give him some love after that.

Von Miller

Oh how I have missed Von Miller. We have waited for his return, and I saved the most sentimental for last. I think all we wanted was for him to get on the field and show he was still the guy who could wreck a game when needed. He was a stud throughout the game. He only had 3 tackles, but they were all tackles for a loss. He walked away with 2 sacks in his return. He faced double teams the whole game. He caused chaos in run defense. He had what might be the celebration of the season after his second sack. He made us smile.

What do you think Broncos Country? Did I miss anyone?