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The Denver Broncos were resilient in beating the Giants

Several moments would have ended the Broncos in years past, but this team never folded.

It was a phenomenal start to the season for the Denver Broncos. Beating the New York Giants on the road, winning their first season opener since 2018 was a big deal.

Vic Fangio got his first September win. Teddy Bridgewater grabbed ahold of the starting job even more. The defense looked solid. It was a great all around win. But, as I told Ian St. Clair on the MHR Radio Podcast, one thing stuck out to me as I watched the game. Resiliency.

The Broncos may have blown the Giants out. The game wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicated, and the score wasn’t close. However, there were moments that Denver could have folded. Possible momentum breakers. Plays that might have caused a lesser version of this team to pack it in and go home.

The biggest play that stands out is the KJ Hamler drop. A bomb, that should have been caught for a TD might have caused the Broncos to collapse. Instead, Teddy held the team together. It was the start of the second half, and it left the Broncos with a 3rd and 6. They picked it up on pass to Albert O.

In the same drive, Jerry Jeudy suffered an ankle injury that knocked him out of the game. Again, they could have seen their momentum stall. Instead, the offense continued to push. A few plays later Albert O. made up for his earlier fumble (another potential momentum killer) with a nice move to get into the end zone.

When Josey Jewell forced a Daniel Jones fumble, it was during a drive that had all but guaranteed points for the Giants. When Malik Reed came up with the football, it once again shifted any momentum the Giant had gained back in Denver’s favor.

On both sides of the ball, in the face of adversity, the Broncos stepped up every time. We can hope that it is a precursor to what we can expect from this team moving forward.

I was unable to remember dancing in September in Broncos Country. We know that Denver has a chance to come away from their first three games with a true September to remember. If they can be a team that fights through mistakes, they can be a team that surprises the rest of the NFL.