Thoughts on the Game at Jacksonville

So looks like most of my thoughts regarding the Broncos vs Giants came to fruition with the exception I didn't have the Broncos scoring as much points. So being this is the NFL, there is little time to savor the victories. While I don't think any week two match-up is a definitive must-win, but this week if the Broncos want a legit shot at the playoffs these are the types of games we have to win.

What I don't like, we another east coast game this time in Florida with an early morning kickoff. I do like the fact that the field is grass so hopefully the injury bug is a minimum. As we saw in NY, always seems like someone gets a major injury playing there, hopefully Juedy is able to get back into form and this doesn't derail the entire season. But looking at the replay it amazes me it was only a sprain, that was pretty severe in any case and I don't expect him back anytime soon. But as always, Denver historically has not done well on early morning east coast games, hopefully we can buck the trend like we did this past week playing against the Giants in NY, call me cautiously optimistic.

Coaching staffs, generally I would say I would think Meyer is a better HC than Fangio. Which may be the case, but as the NFL shows us, it generally is much more a group effort than a single effort. Much is the case with the Jags who have very few what I would consider quality, experienced coaches. I give the overall advantage to the Broncos due to our experience and Meyer learning how the NFL operates over the NCAA game. It's a lot easier to look like a genius coach when you have a bunch of 5 star recruits playing the likes of Illinois. Can Meyer show that he is more than just a recruiter and can he adequately coach teams up within a 1 week time frame, I think for right now, until he proves otherwise, he will be at a disadvantage.

Broncos offense vs Jaguars defense, this past week the Jags defense looked pretty bad against a Texans team that was not expected do much. While the run defense was decent, holding the Texans backs to under 4 ypc, the pass defense was just not doing much of anything except making Tyrod Taylor look like a superstar, from losing containment on Taylor to giving up deep balls, this defense doesn't look too formable. And lets be honest, this game was over at halftime essentially and the Texans let off the gas, they likely could of hanged a few more scores on them if they wanted to. Without having Juedy is going to be a detriment to the offense, but I expect that Denver will try to establish the running game early. I do expect Denver will be able to do somewhat better than the Texans did as I generally believe we have a better line than the Texans and overall better backs. Hopefully Teddy can continue to hone the accuracy and I expect that he and the Broncos offense will have a very solid game and could see us scoring 5 TDs on offense fairly easily against this team.

Jaguars defense vs Broncos offense, admittedly, I think the Jags offense did about as well as could be expected. Trevor Lawrence looked like a rookie with some very good throws and some very bad ones. The Texans jumping to an early lead made the Jags offense one dimensional and they basically dared Lawrence to beat them, as they played fairly heavy coverage and did not even get a sack. That being said, their offense line I do believe is better than the Giants but I don't think it's that much better. I do expect that the Broncos will be able to get to Lawrence when they want to but I also expect that Fangio is more than willing to make Lawrence beat his defense, so I would not be shocked if we only had one or two sacks but had multiple interceptions. I think Fangio is going to try to confuse Lawrence and the Jags offense and I expect Von and Chubb to sneak out more into coverage this week and bringing pressure from the CB or Safety positions.

Denver ST vs Jaguars ST, at this point I think this is a push. Hopefully this team can basically play teams to a draw regarding ST.

I would expect this game won't be too close, I do think the Broncos may have a similar play to last week with a relatively slow start on offense, but I think we will be better in the running game early on and then hopefully start gashing them in the passing game. I expect that may see some bigger games from Fant and AO as they try to exploit some weakness in the middle of the field and also KJ Hamler to have some explosive plays, especially with Juedy out. My predicted score Broncos 38 Jaguars 13

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