Quick thoughts on week one of the NFL

I think the AFC west is a much stronger division than people are giving credit for, top to bottom I think it can stack up with the NFC west, the teams in the wets have done a great job of stacking talent and there is no easy games anywhere.

That being said, AFC South and NFC East look like dumpster fire divisions. I get that the Cowboys hung with the Tampa Bay, but lets face facts, historically speaking, SB champions generally start of slow due to a hangover period and adjusting to teams gunning for them, but TB still looked like they could score at will. I expect Dallas (provided Prescott remains healthy) will win that division, but I could see it being something like last season where 8-9 wins the division.

I think the AFC East is terribly over rated. I get it Buffalo is a darling pick to go to the SB, but watching the game against the Steelers, you can see the flaws in Buffalo, mainly a lack of a consistent ground game and inability of the defense to generate pressure. The Pats and Dolphins looked mediocre against each other, and the Jets looked like the Jets always do.

The hype on this year's rookie QB class may be overblown, I know it's week 1 and all, but none of the rookies have really shown too much other than being rookies. Mac Jones and Lawrence looked OK, but nothing to make you think they will be anywhere but a bottom 20 QB this year. Fields looked good in spot duty but again, probably is at least a year away from being able to start. Lance I could say the same thing.

I think this is one of those years where defenses are going to be more dominate in general than offenses. I could see this as a year where scoring is down and the NFL once again looks to change rules this offseason to get scoring back up. As much as I admire the NFL for trying to make the game exciting, I think that ultimately it will always come down to who can stop people from scoring.

I think Aaron Rogers really could care less about this season. A lot of hype regarding Rogers coming in and tearing it up this year on his way out of town, but looked to me like he really doesn't care, I have never seen him play that disinterested. I don't know if this means Rogers will retire end of this year or if he is just wanting to screw the Packers organization, but as much as I wanted Rogers this season, I am starting to have some real hesitation about going after him next season, especially if his heart isn't in it.

Most over rated team this year - Cleveland Browns

Most under rated team this year - Denver Broncos

I know the media is ignoring the Broncos, and they likely will at least until we are 6-1 or 7-0, and I want them too. I want people not to believe, not to think we are anything more than a sub 0.500 team, let us sneak up on people. I think this may be similar to Tennessee a couple of years ago when no one was expecting much and they went to the AFC championship game. Competent QB play, solid running game, and a defense that can get turnovers and stops is a great recipe for successful season.

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