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Von Miller: “It was a great day for Broncos Country.”

The OLB has nothing to prove. He’s too busy celebrating an outstanding September victory and focusing on the next game.

NFL: Denver Broncos at New York Giants Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos’ 27-13 victory over the Giants was nothing short of magical, with a 77.8% completion rate and two touchdowns from starting QB Teddy Bridgewater.

Vic Fangio has a September win under his belt now, and Denver has their first season-opening triumph since 2018. Von Miller’s sack against Giants QB Daniel Jones was by far one of the highlights of the afternoon, but his early tackle for loss was nothing to overlook either.

Following the game, Miller was unsurprisingly hyped. It’s clear that the football field is still his cloud nine, and he’s walking all over it right now.

“It felt great,” he said, “Not just the game, but the whole process leading up to the game – riding on the plane with the guys, preparing this week with the guys, and the bus ride over.”

Miller added that it’s good to get sacks, but it’s also good to get wins, and he got both yesterday.

On the TFL, he said that he had no idea he was going to get it. “I was just able to react to it last second and was able to get him down. It’s always great when you can make a play early, for sure.”

The OLB had high praise for his quarterback, too, which was well-deserved after that performance. He nailed it perfectly when he said, “He was poised back there, he got out of some big-time sacks early in the game and he converted off of those scrambles. Just a great day from Teddy.”

Miller also said the team received a great locker room speech from Bridgewater. “You could just feel it,” he said, “When guys are not faking, you can just feel it in them. Teddy’s a great pickup for us. I’m happy he’s on my team.”

Asked if he had something to prove, Miller made it clear that he doesn’t think about that stuff when he’s there; he just thinks about wins and the next game.

“Offense played well, put up 27 points for us. Life is pretty easy on defense whenever you can do that, so it was a great team win,” he recounted, “It was a long road to get here by me personally, but when you get here you really don’t think about all this stuff. You just think about wins and the next game, for sure.”

Finally, Miller insists that this is just a different team.

“I’ve been saying it, but it’s up to the fans, it’s up to you guys to see it,” he acknowledged, “...I’ll say it one more time, this team is just totally different. We’ve got some of the same coaches, some of the same players, but it’s just totally different. I think we got a totally different mindset.”

More specifically, Miller said that mindset is about knowing what it takes and doing whatever it takes to get it. “We were faced with a lot of adversity today and we were able to come out of it,” he said, noting the major contributions from Bridgewater and Melvin Gordon and the offensive line, and of course giving nods to the defense.

“It was a great day for Broncos country.”