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Courtland Sutton should see more targets in Week 2

George Chahrouri of PFF believes he is the beneficiary of Jerry Jeudy’s injury

With Jerry Juedy landing on the IR for his high ankle sprain, there is a question about who will step up and replace him for the Broncos. PFF’s George Chahrouri joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight to discuss the Broncos win agains the Giants, and the upcoming matchup with the Jaguars.

In regards to replacing Jeudy, Chahrouri doesn’t believe it is a matter of next man up as much as it is a questions of redistribution. Prior to the injury, it looked like the young WR was having a bit of a statement game. Teddy Bridgewater was definitely looking for the young wideout.

Now those targets have to go somewhere else. The place those targets could go is the hands of Courtland Sutton. With just 3 targets throughout the game, Sutton was a bit of a forgotten man.

He should be remembered a little more with Jeudy out. Obviously, coming off the knee injury, it is going to take a little time to get Sutton re-acclimated to the NFL. The Jaguars might just be the best opportunity Sutton will have to start to get his sea legs back.

The Broncos offense should put up big numbers against the Jaguars. Sutton being a big part of that will go a long way to alleviating some of the pressure felt by a player returning from a bad injury.

And then when Jeudy comes back, the whole league will take notice.