Way too Early Mock Draft 2022 version

So just out of boredom, I did a mock draft for next year. Have us picking somewhere in the mid teens to mid twenties. So away we go.

1st Round, Tyler Linderbaum, C Iowa - I think Cushenberry is likely serviceable, he is never going to be an all-pro. I don't think Meinerz is the answer either. Linderbaum to me is a plug and play Center that elevates this line Day 1. I am going to assume that either TB is the QB next year or we are bringing in another vet, I don't think the Broncos want to wait on developing another potential QB for next year. I love how this kid plays the game, he is smart, he has amazing feet, and he has very good power for his size. He reminds me of Nalen a lot although I think he is more athletic than Nalen.

Iowa center Tyler Linderbaum is a sleeper first-round prospect | PFN

2nd Round, Nakobe Dean, LB, Georgia Still think the weakness of this defense is in the middle. Dean solves a lot of problems. He is a guy who is very good both in coverage and in attacking the run or inside blitzing. Only knock on Dean is his size, being listed at 225 lbs, which is why he is available in the 2nd round instead of the 1st round. But in today's NFL, this is the type of hybrid player you need who can play coverage and the run equally well.

Nakobe Dean - 2021 - Football - University of Georgia Athletics

3rd Round, Jeffery Gunter, Edge, Coastal Carolina, This maybe is more of insurance pick here, I think Gunter is likely going to get overlooked somewhat due to where he plays, but he has the ideal frame and nice get off to be an effective 3-4 backer in this league. He has been productive at Coastal Carolina and will likely need some time to adjust to NFL competition, but I think he has a shot at becoming something special in the NFL.

Jeffrey Gunter - Football - Coastal Carolina University Athletics

4th Round, JT Daniels, Georgia, QB This pick really will be dependent on how well Daniels does this season, Daniels didn't have a particularly strong showing against Clemson, and he is already injured missing last week's game. He has a chance to move up in the draft if he can help get Georgia a national title this year, or he can fall as well. I am guessing he is here, while I don't know if he is the QB of the future, at this point in the draft, it is well worth the shot on a player who has his talent to see if the Broncos can develop him.

At Second Glance: What to make of JT Daniels and Georgia's offense, and why  the defense was more than the pass rush – The Athletic

D'Jordan Strong, CB Coastal Carolina He's a feisty, undersized CB, but I really like how he approaches the game. Reminds me a little bit of CHJ regarding how aggressive he is and he is on the smaller side. Last year he had 5 int, and a forced fumble, so he has a knack for getting the ball. This year so far teams have been staying away from him and Coastal Carolina have been blowing people out where he has been sitting end of the game.

D'Jordan Strong 2020 Highlights || Coastal Carolina - YouTube

Round 7, Pick 1 - Kolby Harvel-Peel, S OK State Solid all around safety who would provide depth and ST ability to the group next year.

From Then To Now... Kolby Harvell-Peel - Sports Illustrated Oklahoma State  Cowboys News, Analysis and More

Round 7, Pick 2 - C. J. Verdell, RB Oregon He's shorter RB but definitely a one cut north-south runner. Had an excellent game against Ohio State, having him last until the 7th is probably unlikely, but he would be well worth the pick here as a great potential depth piece for the RBs assuming this is Gordon's last year here.

CJ Verdell - Football - University of Oregon Athletics

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