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What is your favorite way to ‘homegate’ a Broncos game?

Watching a Denver Broncos game from a home theatre is, in many ways, far superior to actually going to a game and sitting from the stands.

Outback Bowl - Northwestern Wildcats v Auburn Tigers Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

In today’s world of super high definition television and all sorts of high quality home theatre equipment, watching a Denver Broncos game from the comfort of your own couch is superior in so many ways to attending a game in person.

There is no traffic to contend with. There is no line at the bathrooms or at the kitchen. No drunk idiots spilling beer on you or drunk people fighting. Television crews capture every angle, or you could be squinting to see what happen from the nose bleed section.

I’m not saying games aren’t fun to go to, but I personally enjoy the comforts of home over attending games in person. I’ve enjoyed tailgating and those games when I have gone, but I don’t think I could ever be a season ticket holder. I’m more of a couple of games a year-type-person.

Homegating Setup

Is your home entertainment setup the typical living room, or do you have that quintessential Broncos fan cave that would rival any sports bar experience? Let’s be real, if you have a friend with the latter, then you know that’s the destination spot for a homegating type party.

After some searching on Twitter, I found a few examples of the nice setup. However, I think I’m also going to tweet out a request for more with this post!

Homegating Grub

Ahh, food. The real reason why people gather for any event.

I’m more of a basic guy when it comes to food. Just give me a beer and some chips with whatever dip there might be and it is all good. However, I know most people when throwing a get together to watch a big game put a bit more time into it.

The thing that hit me was Super Bowl parties. Those tend to be bigger, more extravagant settings of the same type of gathering of friends that watch a Broncos game together. I found a post on the 16 most-common Super Bowl delicacies and the ones I thought would make the regular season cut were these five:

Pizza: This is the only time pizza will not make No. 1 on a list for me, and I’m a little conflicted by that, to be honest. Pizza is always good, always reliable — but it’s a week-in, week-out kind of thing. Not special enough to reach the summit.

Chips and guac: Perfection. Only ranks lower because there’s a time limit on the guac. You need to get in, eat the stuff and get out before it turns brown and weird.

Hot dogs and hamburgers: These grill buddies come in together at No. 5 because they should not be separated in a party setting. Excellent foods to be sure, but highly dependent on the grillmaster’s ability to cook food. Chances are you’re going to end up with a dry, well-done burger that resembles a hockey puck and a charred meat tube of a hot dog that’s more charcoal than sustenance.

Veggie tray: Your solid mid-card item. It’s good for most of the night, often under appreciated and provides a solid conveyance for dip gathering. Don’t underrate the tray.

7-layer dip: It’s fine. Always made by someone who considers themselves a “foodie”, but also thinks emptying cans of crap in sequential order into a glass bowl is the height of decadence.

What are your go-to game day food choices?

Homegating Superstitions

As someone who covers the team on game days, I don’t get to “homegate” much anymore. Back before work was required though, I had plenty of superstitions during the game. I think the most extreme example was an ‘altar’ of sorts I built around the television for Super Bowl 32. Every piece of Broncos memorabilia adorned the television, from little John Elway and Shannon Sharpe figurines, to a Broncos blanket spread out in front, I made sure the football gods knew how badly I needed that win that day. I am sure that is the main reason they won the Super Bowl. (lol)

What about you? Have you ever had silly superstitious things you did prior or during a Broncos game that you just felt needed to be done in order for the team to win?


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