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Broncos look to make a statement against Jacksonville

Adam Malnati joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about how a Denver win over the Jaguars is big for the season.

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Not to beat a dead horse, but the Denver Broncos are coming off a win.

In September.

This is a different feeling to what Broncos Country has experienced since 2018. On the MHR Radio Podcast after the 27-13 win over the New York Giants, Adam Malnati was basically smiling throughout the whole show.

On Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight, I could tell Adam was smiling again as he talked with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright. Talking with both guys is reason to smile, but it was because of what could happen this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars and where the Broncos currently stand.

As Adam and Ben pointed out on the show, the game against the Giants wasn’t perfect, but Denver knows that and hopefully worked to improve on those issues this week. Namely a consistent push from the offensive line in the running game, shore up the pass protection, and from Vic Fangio’s standpoint, limit the penalties. What adds to the potential speed bumps for the offensive line is Graham Glasgow not playing. What will Netane Muti look like at right guard? Not to mention the injuries to Ronald Darby and Jerry Jeudy the team has to do with now, too.

But as the Broncos look to improve to 2-0, it beats where they’ve been the last two years.

“The nice thing is that they’re playing a team that’s not as strong,” Adam said. “They have that weaker schedule that will allow them to ease into things. I don’t think losing Jerry Jeudy is as bad as it could have been. There was a big sigh relief there. I also believe there are playmakers on the offensive side of the ball who will fill that void. You mentioned KJ Hamler, I think he’ll bounce back from that bad drop. You still have Noah Fant. You have Albert O. Tim Patrick is a stud. Courtland Sutton did nothing against the Giants. You think he’ll do nothing again against the Jags? Of course not. He’ll step right in and fill that void.”