Quit thinking the NFL is a Zero Sum Game

This post is mainly dedicated to those who point to Carolina letting Teddy Bridgewater go as a sign that the Broncos were not wise in trading for him. The Broncos got Teddy Bridgewater for a 6th Round pick. This also allowed the Broncos to decide to pass on taking a 1st round QB this past year and pick arguably the best CB in this year's draft.

Many decried that we didn't take Justin Fields, or Mac Jones, or trade up to get someone else. Many people pointed to the fact that Carolina got rid of TB for virtually nothing as proof he was worthless as a starting QB. We need to quit viewing every transaction as having a winner and a loser. There can be winners in both scenarios. Carolina obviously saw the ability to pry Sam Darnold from the Jets as a potential to upgrade their QB position, so far it appears they have been correct in that assessment. Likewise, the Broncos saw low risk potential to upgrade the QB position by getting TB from the Panthers, and that also appears to be a correct assessment. Both QB's are doing well under new circumstances, and both organizations have been able to not mortgage their futures on a more risky option in the draft this year.

As can be seen with all of the QB's drafted this year, it will likely be a few years before they are shown to be true difference makers or just another QB, but what we can say, is at least initially, both Carolina and Denver look to be improved at the QB position, both were winners from the offseason moves.

As fans we seem to be too much in the camp that when a player is moved automatically there is a winner and a loser in that deal. Fact is, that is rarely the case. I think it mainly comes from the old Hersal Walker trade from the Cowboys to the Vikings where the Vikings essentially gave Dallas a huge gain in players and draft picks, people show that as Dallas winning and the Vikings losing, the reality is even those "blockbuster" trades, there rarely is a clear winner or loser, lets take the initial Ricky Williams trade where New Orleans gave up it's draft to move up to get Williams, few people nowadays can actually tell you who the other team in that trade was (Washington Football Team). The WFT got New Orleans 1st Round, 3rd Round, 4th, 5th, and 6th and 7th round picks that year and 1st and 3rd round picks the following year. By all accounts WFT should of been stacked, but here's what those picks turned into: Champ Bailey, Nate Stimson, Derek Smith, Lavar Arington, and Lloyd Harrison, Champ Bailey obviously is a HOFer, however, the bulk of his career was spent in Denver, Lavar Arington had a decent start but quickly was derailed by injuries. A trade that was supposed to set up both franchises failed to set up either franchise.

What we should focus on is does said transaction make the team better or worse, it's hard to argue that having the ability to add a competent QB and what looks like a future pro-bowl CB makes the Broncos a better team. Likewise the same can be said about Carolina although I think PS2 will be a better CB than Horn. We need to quit focusing on what could of been and focus on what we have present. And so far it appears we have gotten the right mix.

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