Thoughts on Upcoming Game Against the Jets

Another win in the books and now on to the NY Jets. It's nice to see the Broncos win games they should win, despite being a road game in east coast at early start time, the Broncos showed up and played consistently for 4 quarters. Lets look at next week's opponent.

Finally a home game at normal time. All the advantages should be for the Broncos, after two east coast road wins, we get back to playing at home. The crowd should be excited with 2-0 Broncos coming into the game. However, the Jets actually haven't done too bad in Denver, going 9-11 overall, so don't assume we can sleep on them. I do give the advantage to the Broncos though.

Coaching. Fangio seems to be finally starting to be a better game manager as a HC this season. Fact that he has had the Broncos prepared and ready for our first two opponents. Old Broncos would be for the team to come in unprepared, resting on their laurels form previous two games and seeing an 0-2 Jets team coming to town who frankly look like they may end up with the worst record in the league. If Fangio has these guys ready to go and firing on all cylinders then we know he has control of this team and likely has turned the corner. The Jets staff is new and inexperienced, they will be hungry to get their first win and don't be surprised if the Jets come out with some trick plays early to try to get some early momentums swinging plays. I expect the Jets will likely try some unique things so if the Broncos are prepared for that, then it will go to my belief that Fangio and staff have the advantage this week.

Broncos offense versus Jets defense, I think the Jets actually have a pretty good defense, and somewhat underrated defense at that. The broncos definitely are going to have to get their running game going this week. I don't expect TB will have as much success in the air early that he has had previously, mainly because I think this front has the ability to get to him more consistently than previous two games. I do like our WR versus the Jets DBs in general, so if the line can give TB the time, I think he can eventually start to pick the secondary apart. Will be incumbent that our line play is generally better, especially in the run game in order to allow the Broncos to be more multi-dimensional. I still give us the advantage overall, but may be tough sledding initially.

Jets offense versus Broncos defense, Clear advantage here for the Broncos. With Mekhi Benton out the Jets will be without their best offensive lineman, expect another solid/big game from Von and our other pass rushers as getting to play at home with crowd noise should give us a distinct advantage. Throw in a rookie QB who has looked shaky at best, and this looks to be a long day for the Jets offense. The Pats showed by blanketing their number 1 option, (Corey Davis) you could essentially stop the Jets offense. I expect a big day out of Denver's defense as they are hyped playing at home and being able to pin their ears back somewhat.

Jets ST versus Broncos ST, Until proven otherwise, Jets have advantage over the Broncos. For the life of me, I have no idea why we have not changed ST coaches.

Overall prediction, I don't think the offense will be as dominant, but I do believe the defense will takeover the game, and could see either a int return for a TD or fumble return for a TD. Broncos 24 Jets 10 (Don't think it will be that close, I think will be 3 points for the Jets most of the game, and then late meaningless TD in garbage time when starters are on the bench).

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