3 reasons why Peyton Manning should have a stake in Denver's future

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

According to recent reports, the Denver Broncos have reached out to Peyton Manning about potentially buying a stake in the organization.

While the Broncos are currently not for sale and are part of the Bowlen family trust, here are three reasons why Peyton Manning should make himself a permanent fixture at 13655 Broncos Parkway.

REASON 1: Peyton Manning is one of the most involved and cerebral players the NFL has ever seen.

Several owners/ownership groups around the NFL are not as invested in the acquisition and performance of players as the Denver Broncos. Previous owners such as Pat Bowlen and the Phipps brothers were equally invested in the players of the organization, making trades for players like John Elway and The Sheriff himself.

Several key additions and moments in Denver Broncos and NFL history can be traced to the influence of previous Broncos owners. If Manning bought an ownership stake, he would become one of the most involved owners of the NFL.

REASON 2: Peyton Manning is the epitome of what it means to be a Denver Bronco.

Some people in Broncos history exemplify what it means to be a Denver Bronco: the list includes names like Von Miller, Dalton Risner, John Elway and Peyton Manning.

Manning is not a controversial figure, unless you count the conversation of the greatest quarterback of all time. He is a figurehead in the community and has made Colorado his home. The newly-minted Hall of Famer would bring his Hall of Fame character and his Hall of Fame mentality to the Denver Broncos permanently.

And he wouldn't just have to be there as an "intern!"

REASON 3: Peyton Manning HATES to lose.

As many longtime Denver Broncos fans know, Denver only recently eclipsed the dubious distinction of having more losing seasons (9) than Super Bowl appearances (8) since Pat Bowlen's purchase of the Broncos in 1984.

Peyton Manning brings the winning mentality the Broncos need to right the ship. And if there is anyone as competitive as Pat Bowlen - and someone who really hates to lose the way Bowlen did - it's Manning.

After all, he recorded a 50-14 record at the helm as a signal-caller in the Mile High City. Since he left, Denver has gone 32-48 and cycled through three head coaches.

With Denver starting 2-0 with hopes of being a contender soaring higher than Pikes Peak, the Broncos look to have a winning season once again. Bringing another Hall of Famer into the front office might just be what the doctor ordered.

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