Why the Jets Game is Critical

Maybe the third game of the year is not the point where we say it is a must win, but for this team, this year, and the staff, this is a must win. Yes everything should be in the Broncos favor to handily win against the 0-2 Jets team starting a rookie QB, it's our home opener, the Jets have looked like the Jets, we are coming in after two solid wins on the road. Which is exactly why it is critical that the broncos do not look past the Jets and end up face planting.

By every stretch of the imagination, we should win this game handily. But this is the NFL, and past Bronco teams have had a history when they had some success to quickly overlook a "lesser" opponent focused on next week's game. This team cannot afford to simply think they can coast past the Jets (I know they may be picking first next year, but someone is likely going to lose to the Jets this year, it's highly unlikely they will go 0-17).

If Fangio wants to show he truly has become a competent HC, he will have this team prepared and wanting to lead a smackdown on the Jets. If we come out and struggle and lose, this will be an indictment on the HC and coaching staff along with the overall character of this team. These are the game good teams don't lose. I know back in the NE Brady heyday they would inevitably drop a dud on some team they had no business losing to, but would quickly rebound, we are not the Pats with Brady. This team needs to be 3-0 going into next week. We cannot afford to lose to someone like the Jets.

With the Ravens, Steelers, Raiders and Browns up after the Jets, it would be easy for the Broncos to look past the Jets. This team needs to show it can maintain focus and maturity, while we have some young players, we have enough vets on this team as well that should be making sure the younger players are not taking any game for granted. that is how you get embarrassed in the NFL. Simply put, this team needs to win the games it should win if it is going to be a playoff contender this season. We know our division is stacked, throw in the likes of the Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bills, and whoever comes out of the AFC south it is going to be a tight race. Every win is going to matter, and I much rather be facing a Ravens team the following week 3-0 versus 2-1 with added pressure of where are easier wins going to come by.

I fully expect we may struggle somewhat early in this game, but we must find a way to overcome that struggle and win. I really don't care about style points, granted i would love a 49-0 beat down of the Jets, but I will take a win no matter what the score.

I will go out on a limb here and state the following, if the Broncos drop this game, I can almost guarantee you that Fangio will be gone after or during the season. Simply put, this is a must win game.

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