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Breaking down Teddy Bridgewater’s performance against the Jaguars

The Denver Broncos are off to a hot start and a big part of that is how well Teddy Bridgewater has played. Here is Tim Jenkins breaking down his game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tim Jenkins is back this week breaking down some of the good and some of the bad from Teddy Bridgewater against the Jacksonville Jaguars. While the Denver Broncos won fairly comfortably, no game is without a little bad and I felt Jenkins picked out some good missed opportunities on that front. However, there was plenty of good as well.

My favorite play - and it was the case on Sunday when I saw it live - wasn’t the 50+ yard bomb to Courtland Sutton. Rather it was a short pass that required Bridgewater to really sell a linebacker on a pass to the flat. As soon as he shifted his hips and eyes to that running back the linebacker broke towards the play. Instead, Teddy manipulated that linebacker into opening up a throwing lane to a wide open Sutton for the first down. It really was a thing of beauty.

Overall, Bridgewater is off to a great start so it makes these film breakdowns even more fun to watch and review.