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Jets at Broncos preview: Denver hopes to parlay raucous home crowd to another win

Broncos Country will be rocking for the Broncos home opener on Sunday against the Jets.

When it comes to starts, it doesn’t get any better for Teddy Bridgewater and the Denver Broncos.

Thanks, Captain Obvious. Still, it’s true. Imagine the alternative if the Broncos dropped one of the first two games, or, gasp, both.

Thankfully that’s not a proposition the Broncos have to fight since they’re 2-0. Now comes the home opener against the struggling New York Jets (0-2). With as well as Denver is playing, and full attendance set for Mile High for the first time since Dec. 29, 2019, the stadium is going to be rocking on Sunday.

Offensive Rankings

NY Jets: Twenty-sixth in overall offense (294.0 yards per game), 22nd in rushing (98.5), 32nd in passing (195.5), 31st in scoring offense (10.0 points per game).

Denver: Seventh in overall offense (409.0 yards per game), fifth in rushing (130.5), 11th in passing (278.5), tied for 13th in scoring offense (25.0 points per game).

Defensive Rankings

NY Jets: Ninth in overall in defense (320.5 yards per game), 12th in rushing defense (106.0), 10th in passing defense (214.5), tied for 10th in scoring defense (22.0 points per game).

Denver: Third in overall defense (251.5 yards per game), fourth in rushing defense (67.5), fifth in passing defense (184.0), fifth in scoring defense (13.0 points per game).

Here are the MHR staff’s keys to Sunday’s game.

Complementary offense

Through two games, no quarterback in the NFL has attempted more throws over 20 yards this season than Bridgewater. In those two games, the Broncos quarterback has 592 yards, four touchdowns, no picks and a 77.1 completion percentage. What has helped is how good Denver has been running the ball. That’s allowed Bridgewater and the Broncos offense to use play action and get the various weapons involved. That needs to continue on Sunday against the Jets. Hopefully Bridgewater can continue the great start, for him and the offense. Broncos Country can celebrate by getting the new Teddy 2 Gloves shirt from BreakingT. — Ian St. Clair

Keep Zach Wilson uncomfortable

If the last two weeks have proven anything, it’s that Zach Wilson is highly prone to taking sacks and making mistakes, and that the Jets don’t have the necessary pieces around him to staunch the bleeding. Denver’s defense needs to keep that pressure on, and if they do then the Jets will all but beat themselves even before you get to Denver’s offensive contributions. — Taylor Kothe

Keep Zach Wilson uncomfortable II

The Broncos pass defense needs to start out hot and keep after Wilson. In each of the first two games this season we’ve watched Daniel Jones and Trevor Lawrence go after Kyle Fuller on shot plays early in the game, I expect the Jets to try and test the veteran corner’s long speed in a similar fashion and Wilson has the arm to deal downfield if the rush doesn’t get there. Von Miller, Dre’Mont Jones, Shelby Harris, and the rest of the front needs to make life a living hell so the rookie can’t get uncomfortable. New York’s offensive line is a mess and Wilson can be baited into poor decisions, so I’m eager to see how Fangio capitalizes. — Joe Rowles

Broncos interior offensive line

Denver’s interior offensive line needs to contain Quinnen Williams otherwise it’s going to be another game of short runs and long third-down passing plays. Netane Muti has the size and power to be effective with Lloyd Cushenberry doubling Williams in the run game, but I worry about either of them trying to move that massive man in the run game by themselves. Despite getting blown out against the New England Patriots, the Jets defense only allowed 256 yards. Their pass rush was terrible against the Carolina Panthers (one sack for 9 yards but very little pressure). It was a little better against the Pats (three sacks) and their rookie QB. It will be interesting to see what Jeff Ulbrich tries to slow Bridgewater and the Denver offense. — Joe Mahoney

Don’t look past this game

It is amazing that we might be talking about the Broncos playing in a trap game, but that is exactly what this is. The Jets are bad. They should have no chance against Denver. The defense has been excellent against both of the bad teams they have played. That should continue. The offense has been surprisingly good. Again, that should continue against the Jets. “Should” is a tricky word. After Week 3, the schedule gets decidedly more difficult. It would be easy for the Broncos to start to look ahead, and forget that this is the NFL. Any team can win on any given day. So don’t give the Jets a day. Take it seriously. Don’t get caught with your focus on anything other than the task at hand. — Adam Malnati

What are your keys to Sunday’s game?