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Denver Broncos snap counts for Week 2

Who get more playing time relative to week one and who got less.

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images


The five starting offensive linemen and our quarterback all played 100 percent of the offensive snaps.

Our tight end group had the almost exact same snap distribution as week one with Noah Fant, Albert Okweugbunam and Eric Saubert getting 77, 54 and 35 percent of the offensive snaps.

The wide receiver group had Courtland Sutton again seeing the most snaps with 77 percent while Time Patrick was close with 74 percent and KJ Hamler got 71 percent. Kendall Hinton and Diontae Spencer got seven and six percent respectively to fill out the WR group.

Both Sutton and Hamler had really large ADOT (average depth of target) from this game. Sutton’s was 21.5 and Hamler’s was 18.0. That means that Teddy Bridgewater was taking deep shots to both guys even if both of Hamler’s and at least one of Sutton’s were incomplete.

The running back group was not as balanced as week one with Melvin Gordon getting 59 percent and Javonte Williams only getting 41 percent of the snaps.

Player Pos Num Pct
Garett Bolles T 69 100%
Dalton Risner G 69 100%
Netane Muti G 69 100%
Teddy Bridgewater QB 69 100%
Lloyd Cushenberry III C 69 100%
Bobby Massie T 69 100%
Courtland Sutton WR 53 77%
Noah Fant TE 53 77%
Tim Patrick WR 51 74%
KJ Hamler WR 49 71%
Melvin Gordon RB 41 59%
Albert Okwuegbunam TE 37 54%
Javonte Williams RB 28 41%
Eric Saubert TE 24 35%
Kendall Hinton WR 5 7%
Diontae Spencer WR 4 6%


Similar to week one, we had multiple guys on defense play all of the snaps. This game we had four players playing 100% - Justin Simmons, Kareem Jackson, Kyle Fuller and, in his first start, Patrick Surtain II. Surtain was literally filling Ronald Darby’s role as Darby played 100 percent of the snaps in game one.

The other cornerback who played, and we only played three, Bryce Callahan, played 82 percent of the defensive snaps. It’s been a long time since the Broncos only used three cornerbacks in a game. When we needed a fourth defensive back, we used a safety in this game. Caden Sterns played 27 percent of the snaps. We apparently did not use five DBs on any play on Sunday.

We rotated five defensive linemen during the game with Dre’Mont Jones, Shelby Harris, Mike Purcell, DeShawn Williams and Shemar Stephen playing 62, 59, 38, 36 and 23 percent.

We had eight linebackers getting defensive snaps in week two with the injuries to Bradley Chubb (34 percent) and Josey Jewell (41 percent). Alexander Johnson (95 percent) and Von Miller (80 percent) saw the most. Malik Reed (59 percent) and Justin Strnad (41 percent) will probably see their playing time spike with the extended absence of Chubb and the season-ending injury to Jewell. Jonathan Cooper (23 percent) and Andre Mintze (4 percent) were used to rest Reed and Miller. I would expect Mintze to see the field more with the injury to Chubb. Although it’s possible that Baron Browning sees some use as an edge defender in the coming weeks.

Player Pos Num Pct
Justin Simmons FS 56 100%
Kyle Fuller CB 56 100%
Kareem Jackson SS 56 100%
Patrick Surtain II CB 56 100%
Alexander Johnson LB 53 95%
Bryce Callahan CB 46 82%
Von Miller LB 45 80%
Dre'Mont Jones DE 35 62%
Malik Reed LB 33 59%
Shelby Harris DE 33 59%
Justin Strnad LB 23 41%
Mike Purcell NT 21 38%
Josey Jewell LB 21 38%
DeShawn Williams DT 20 36%
Bradley Chubb LB 19 34%
Caden Sterns FS 15 27%
Jonathon Cooper LB 13 23%
Shamar Stephen DE 13 23%
Andre Mintze LB 2 4%

Special Teams

P.J. Locke FS 20 80%
Mike Ford CB 19 76%
Jonas Griffith LB 16 64%
Damarea Crockett RB 16 64%
Nate Hairston CB 12 48%
Brandon McManus K 11 44%
Baron Browning LB 10 40%
Sam Martin P 9 36%
Jacob Bobenmoyer LS 9 36%
Austin Schlottmann G 5 20%
Calvin Anderson T 5 20%

Outside of our K, P and LS, we had eight players who only played special teams snaps. Of those PJ Locke saw the most action with 20 special teams snaps (80 percent). Mike Ford, Jonas Griffith and Demarea Crockett (76, 64 and 64 percent) all played more than half of them. Nate Hairston and Baron Browning played on defensive units (48 and 40 percent) while Austin Schlottman and Calvin Anderson were in on place kicking special team snaps.

Guys who played on offense and defense who were key contributors on special teams were Saubert (22 snaps), Sterns and Cooper (15), Strnad (14) and Mintze (12).

Two players were active and did not see the field - Drew Lock and Quinn Meinerz.