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George Paton had a plan for the Broncos and stuck to it

George Paton immediately put his stamp on the franchise, and it is paying dividends on the field.

After the 2021 draft, there were many (myself included) who were disappointed that the Denver Broncos didn’t draft Justin Fields. Now, two games into the season, the returns coming from the top picks in the draft, along with some really good play from Teddy Bridgewater, have many in Broncos Country forgetting all about Fields.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan and Ben were joined by PFF’s Trevor Sikkema. He brought up the fact that Denver is already seeing big things from both Patrick Surtain II and Javonte Williams. That’s a great sign for the future of this franchise.

As Trevor pointed out, George Paton had a plan going into the draft, and he executed that. The fact that he was able to get two guys that have made an immediate impact is huge for the success of the team. It also has given Bridgewater the opportunity to come into Denver and take control of the offense.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that Bridgewater has made this team a playoff contender. The Broncos went into the season as a team that no one believed in. After just two games, more than just Broncos Country, but the national media has had to take notice.

It doesn’t make the Broncos a Super Bowl favorite, but it means that Denver should be playing meaningful football all season. That’s a huge change from where this team has been over the course of the last few seasons.