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2021: Broncos vs. Jets - Live updates

The Denver Broncos will be looking for 3-0 start to the season today at home against the New York Jets. Come discuss the game with us here in the comments section.

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have a perfect start to the season winning their first two games on the road. Now they bring things home to the Mile High City as they look to start 3-0 against the New York Jets here in Week 3.

In-game updates

Game preview

To me, this game will be about showing me how this team does when its considered an overwhelming favorite to win. A mature team goes out there and handles their business and wins the game without too many setbacks. An immature and/or up and coming team would often times find themselves in trouble in these kinds of games.

I think this team is somewhere in between after two games. They won on the road both weeks to start the season, but it wasn’t always pretty. Head Coach Vic Fangio seems to feel the same way when asked if the team has played to its full potential to start the season.

“There’s room for a lot of improvement in a lot of areas. That’s to be said in any game, even though we’ve won them both. We still have a lot of improvement to make.”

The two areas I think that need to be cleaned up is those first quarter touchdown drives the defense has given up and the end of the game breakdowns. Both situations have accounted for all of the opposing teams touchdowns through two games. I would love to see Denver completely dominate a team before they head into the meat of their schedule over the next two months.

Broncos-Jets live updates