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Breaking down Teddy Bridgewater’s Week 3 performance

Tim Jenkins covered the plays that made Teddy Bridgewater’s game against the New York Jets.

We are back looking at Tim Jenkins’ breakdown of Teddy Bridgewater. His game against the New York Jets was another efficient outing as Bridgewater has had an excellent start to the 2021 season. He also has the Denver Broncos out to a 3-0 start.

Jenkins noted that he isn’t seeing many new concepts each week and if that keeps up we should start to see defenses catch up to this offense and begin having more success against them. My hope there is that Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur is holding back running what is working now until it stops working.

I will say, that I noticed one play where Teddy manipulated the linebacker to bite on the running back in the flat so he could fire a pass to the sticks for a completion. Two weeks ago, the linebacker bit hard and the Broncos wide receiver was wide open at the sticks. Last week, he did the same thing and the linebacker bit but not as hard as the previous week. He was in position to nearly deflect the pass that went to the receiver at the sticks. The pass was completed, so it was still a success, but I did notice that defenses are already keying in a bit on that specific play some. Hopefully it doesn’t end in an interception at some point.

Anyway, Jenkins does a great job of breaking down the game. He really is a must watch on YouTube.