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Johnny Bowlen lambastes Broncos GM George Paton in NSFW Instagram rant

How not to publicly deal with big feelings.

Who knew the next chapter of the Denver Broncos ownership saga would go through Johnny Bowlen?

Broncos Country woke up on Friday to find out that the “Blood of the City” was ranting and raving on his Instagram account.

Needless to say, the alert didn’t disappoint. Johnny had something to get off his chest about the Broncos new GM George Paton and he didn’t hold back. While details are scant as to just why Bowlen has beef with Paton, it is clear that he’s big mad. Like, really big mad. Like, you don’t say what Johnny Bowlen said and expect things to just go back to normal.

Ever since litigation in the Bowlen ownership dispute was vacated back in June, the constant drumbeat for a Bowlen heir, Brittany, Beth, or otherwise, to assume control of the Broncos has fallen quiet on all sides.

Here’s hoping that Johnny Bowlen is nowhere near the team when the dust eventually settles.