Teddy Vs Drew (In all Honesty)

From a Bronco fan's perspective;

Teddy Bridgewater is one of the most trusted quarterbacks in the NFL. He has been handed the reigns of many high powered and talented offenses (including the Saints in 2019) in the past seasons. There isn't much risk or that low of a floor when playing him. But since the seemingly career altering injury he suffered in Minnesota, he has never been the face of the franchise or the long-term solution. He never was able to reach his ceiling. And I don't think he ever will be able to. At 28 years old and 6 seasons into the NFL, the former 1st round pick hasn't played a full season since 2016 where he had a first round exit in the playoffs. He has started 49 of 96 possible starts. That is 51%. It is just too big of a stretch to make Teddy the starter on the Denver Broncos. Drew lock has barely played over a season (18 games), and in his FIRST 16 games, he had 23 touchdowns with 16 interceptions. In 2016, Teddy earned his first Pro Bowl selection. In my opinion, it was undeserving, with his grand total of 17 touchdowns and 9 interceptions (slightly better than Drew 5 years ago at Teddy's peak). That was Teddy's second season. Just this past season in 2020, he finally reached a season with 20 touchdowns. It took him 6 years and 15 starts. Put simply, he is not a starting quarterback. But this is not new for us. The Broncos staff and personnel have been acting like bumbling idiots since Peyton Manning left. They can't draft or sign anyone at QB that will stay. But Drew Lock has statistically been the closest quarterback we've had since drafting John Elway. If we don't start Drew before week 5, we have wasted his career, our second round pick, the past 3 seasons, and our 2021 first round pick. There's still time to change their decision and plenty of reason to. Drew Locks age, arm, and attitude are all signs of dormant starter traits. He just needs an opportunity and believers. And I can only go halfway. Good luck and Go Broncos!

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