its back my pick em game with a new name lucky 7

i took last year off because i did not how many forfeits they would be or missed games

here is the rules

u pick 6 games all afc west games

u can pick any 6 you want as long as u picked AFC West games Denver games are worth 2 pts

new this year my own point spead by each game my picks in bold

Week 1

Cowboys at Buccs TB 6.5
Jags at Texans PICK EM
Chargers at WFT WFT 1.5
Seahawks at Colts SEA 1
Jets at Panthers CAR 5.5
Vikes at Bengals MINN 2
Cardinals at Titans Tenn 1.5 but do to their covid worryies Zona 1
49ers at Lions SF 9
Steelers at Bills Buff 2.5
Eagles at Falcons ATL 1
Browns at Chiefs pick em
Packers at Saints GB 4
Broncos at Giants DEN 1
Dolphins at Pats NE 2
Bears at Rams RAMS 6
Ravens at Raiders Balt 2.5

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