Now we know why the NFL screwed over the Broncos

2020 is a year I try to forget about, but recent story by Sam Farmer of the LA Times, and picked up by Eric Edholm of yahoo sports sheds some light into why the Broncos were apparently sent to the doghouse by Roger Goodell. Turns out was not merely the Broncos QBs breaking COVID protocol, it was the fact that they broke the protocol knowingly, were caught on cameras doing it, and lied about it too boot. This might shed some serious light into why Teddy Bridgewater was brought in and why he is now the starter. The fact that Lock and the rest of the QBs thought they could go ahead and break protocol, knowingly lie about it, and not understand there was videotape evidence, really speaks to the lack of maturity and leadership in the QB room last season. I give most people the benefit of a doubt and read conflicting reports about how this was just a simple mistake and not intentional to now this was more than intentional I now have a better understanding why he NFL punished the Broncos for Lock and the rest of the QBs in the room last year's deliberate lies. I understand why people were pointing (myself included) that the NFL was unfairly treating the Broncos versus other teams like the Ravens or Pats where games were moved, turns out that this was a situation where the punishment was definitely a message. I am severely disappointed in Lock and Rypian who showed no leadership or character and basically guaranteed the Broncos would lose a game from their actions. And I have the utmost respect for Hinton and what he did. My guess is that Fangio and Company's decision to go with Bridgewater over Lock this season had some elements of not trusting Lock to put the team first over his own interests based off last year's lies. Link to the yahoo story is below.

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