Drew vs. Teddy, different take

Tapping this out in twenty minutes between things, forgive the sloppy.

I watched all of the games from last year, some of them twice, on Game Pass. I'm just a fan for a lot of years and I don't know things from any deeper perspective than that. But after watching Drew last year, even before the preseason this year, I had changed my vote to Teddy. Changed my vote, because I was a Lock supporter from the start (not at the 10th pick, but happy with where we got him). In fact, I was watching those games in part to write a post to make my case that he would be great this year, like I did last year for Bolles.

But one is not like the other. The things that they said about Lock in the draft that were not going to get better have not gotten better, even this year in preseason. He throws off his back foot a lot, he takes too long to process plays, and he tries to hero ball too much. Maybe he'll get it eventually, but this isn't the year for "maybe." He lost that competition with Bridgewater, even though it was close, and he should have had a slight head start as the younger, home grown, and stronger throwing option.

This team is too good to find out if he can sort it out in his third year. Regarding where Teddy has been, when he's had a good supporting cast, he's been good. When he hasn't, he's sucked - like most QBs. Brady looked at the Patriots and got out because he didn't have a good enough cast to stay where he'd been for 20 years. He went to a good team and got a SB. God help me it's hard to use him as a positive example, but if he doesn't see being able to carry a team, not many can. Elway carried teams, until he didn't have to. That's an example that feels better in the gut!

If things go the way they're supposed to, Teddy will be a fine quarterback, and can get us to the playoffs. We'll have a fast start, learn as we go, be in some great games in the second half of the season.

Lastly, neither QB has shown the ability to make it through a whole season uninjured in the past few years, and now we've got a 17 game schedule. Chances are that Lock will get to play a some point in the year. If us "Team Teddys" are wrong, he'll get his chance to prove us wrong. I would love to have to eat that crow, because it means that we have two decent quarterbacks!

20 minutes, as promised.....

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