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‘Ultimate Fan Guide’ back with a vengeance, ready for a winning season

Like Von Miller, this series just gets better every year.

It feels like a hundred years since we’ve had regular season football that looked and felt like regular season football. And because of that, I almost forgot about the Ultimate Fan Guide. Again.

But I could never abandon this series as it remains my reason for living.

OK, that’s not true. But it is my absolute favorite post to write every week because no matter what is happening with the team, UFG writers always bring the goods - whether it’s humor, undying support, harsh critique or some of all three.

We’ve survived (barely) a QB competition and wherever you stand on that choice, know that the team is playing lights out every week to win regardless of your opinion on who is quarterback, so it’s more helpful to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride with all its ups and downs than to stand in the parking lot complaining about cotton candy.

Plus, there is an elite defense waiting to flex its muscle and an offense with young but explosive weapons. And this series is really like Von Miller - the more years of playing, the better we get.

This Denver Broncos team should be exciting, will certainly be aggravating but will definitely be interesting all season. So I’m counting on all of you ultimate fans to make sure Broncos Country has some fun no matter how the win-loss record goes.

As usual, there are a few ground rules for this adventure.

IN-TER-ACT with each other. No more lurking. No more treating this post like a junior high dance where everyone just stands by the wall and sways and sings by him/herself. I know the new comment system is a b**** but that’s no excuse. Get out there and dance.

BE RESPECTFUL. That shouldn’t have to be stated and it’s probably not an issue with the UFG, but given the contentious state of so much else, I’m just stating it as a warning.

The entire purpose of this post is to bring members’ experiences and viewpoints to the forefront, and if you all aren’t going to interact with each other - and do so with utmost respect - then I’m not providing the forum. Nothing is more of a drag than for someone to take a lot of time thinking of and writing out answers to A TON of questions and then not having any comments.

So get over this wonky commenting system and play along :)

Here’s how it works:

• Name the game/week that you’d like to “preview” in the comments

• First come, first served

• Up to two people per game (preferably AFTER all the games have been chosen)

• Whorfin always gets the Bye Week and even though he hasn’t been around in a while, I’m hopeful I can get him to make a guest appearance. But there is room for one more to join.

• KRONK always gets Super Bowl Week (it may be a while before I have to grab him out of hiding too, but I’m hopeful the day is coming...)

Expect an email from me the week of your preview with the questions (so make sure your SBN profile has your updated email address!)

OK, on your mark, get set, go!

Game Commenter
Week 1: Broncos at Giants JasonAult16
Week 2: Broncos at Jaguars Topher Doll
Week 3: Broncos v. Jets Dondada64
Week 4: Broncos v. Ravens mad horses
Week 5: Broncos at Steelers MattSayar
Week 6: Broncos v. Raiders 55below
Week 7: Broncos at Browns on TNF drtacp
Week 8: Broncos v. WFT spworldtour
Week 9: Broncos at Cowboys rossiya
Week 10: Broncos v. Eagles Todduscraig
Week 11: BYE Whorfin
Week 12: Broncos v. Chargers Johnny G_627
Week 13: Broncos at Chiefs PositivIntegral
Week 14: Broncos v. Lions SickBoy67 and sultan_azteca
Week 15: Broncos v. Bengals KY Broncos Fan
Week 16: Broncos at Raiders BayAreaUnitedinOrange
Week 17: Broncos at Chargers kingbronco58
Week 18: Broncos v. Chiefs WesternAzbroncosfan44

On to the UFG Selection ...