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The Broncos believe they are getting back to winning

Mike Purcell joined Broncos Country tonight to talk about the upcoming season

One thing that is safe to assume in Broncos Country is that everyone is sick of losing. When Ryan and Ben had Broncos DT Mike Purcell on to discuss the Denver Broncos season opener against the New York Giants. The will to win, and being sick of losing create a different atmosphere.

Purcell mentioned the different attitude that comes with being sick of losing. The locker room isn’t as positive. There is more aggravation. But there seems to be an optimism with this team that wasn’t there in the past.

There is a certain energy that the players can feel. With a new QB, and the offense potentially contributing more in 2021, the defense should get more help than they have had in recent years.

For the players, that means more opportunities. It means better chances to win. It creates hope that replaces the frustration of being sick of losing.

For Purcell, returning to the field after missing most of last season is a chance for him to help Denver get back to winning. That energy in the locker room is translating to optimism on the team.

There is a belief amongst the players that they won’t be in a situation late in the year where they are sick of losing, because they will be in contention, fighting for a playoff spot.