Broncos Coaching Front Runners

Credit to Tom Pelissero on Twitter.

There seem to be three front runners and early favorites.

  • Dan Quinn ( Cowboys DC)
  • Jerod Mayo ( Patriots ILB coach)
  • Nathaniel Hackett ( Packers OC)
2nd level
  • Leslie Frazier ( Bills DC)
  • Jonathan Gannon ( Eagles DC)

Surprising to see Jerod Mayo on this list. Also I wonder why Doug Pederson is not an early favorite given that he is a Super bowl winning coach and has a CEO style of running things.

Quinn and Paton have a very strong tie since they were together on the Miami Dolphins in the 2005-2006 run. Frazier and Gannon were on the Vikings and are also tied to Paton.

If I were a betting man, would guess Dan Quinn will get the role.

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