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What would Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett bring as the Broncos head coach?

I spoke with Cheesehead TV’s Dusty Evely to find out what Green Bay Packers’ OC Nathaniel Hackett would bring to the Denver Broncos as a head coach.

Washington Football Team v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With the Denver Broncos set to interview Green Bay Packers’ offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to replace Vic Fangio, I thought it time to find out about the prospective head coach from those who know him best. I reached out to Cheesehead TV’s Dusty Evely to get the lowdown.

1st and 10

The Aaron Rodgers connection is obviously going to get talked about a lot, but could Hackett really help the Broncos recruit the 3-time MVP?

Evely: Yeah, I think he could. If you listen to any interview with Rodgers from the last couple years, the chances are high you’d hear him talking about how much he loves Hackett (right down to the fact that his father, Paul Hackett, was an old West Coast guy who coached under Bill Walsh). The whole offense seems to feel that way, but Rodgers talks about it a lot. There are obviously a lot of ins-and-outs to this, but getting Hackett in the door would absolutely be my first move if I wanted Rodgers.

2nd and 8

One thing that flies under the radar is how Hackett’s a pretty experienced coach, having been OC three different times in the NFL. Does he strike you as someone who is ready for the top job?

Evely: It’s so hard to tell, because there’s so much that goes into being a Head Coach. But, like you said, he’s an experienced coach who has done good things at every stop. He seems to have the necessary demeanor, and everyone seems to love him.

3rd and 3

I assume a Hackett hire would mean he’s bringing a version of the Packers offense with him to Denver. QB is a huge question mark, but with what you know about the Broncos personnel does that look like a decent fit?

Evely: It’s funny, because when I think wide zone, I think Denver. I assume a lot of people do. And yeah, I think they do. I don’t know a ton about the o-line, but a good coach can get a decent line into a top one pretty quickly in this system. They seem to have a nice stable of running backs to fit the mold, and the receiving corps should fit any mold. I’d love to see Jeudy take a step forward, because him as a kind of Adams-lite could do some numbers out of the slot in this system.

4th and inches

Are there any big concerns with Hackett Broncos Country should be aware of?

Evely: Nothing that I’m aware of. No red flags. Well-loved. Everyone loves his enthusiasm. It’s tough to listen to him talk and not come away absolutely loving the guy.

Extra Point

Do you think Hackett would be a good head coach for the Broncos?

Evely: I’m gonna say no because I want him to stay in Green Bay, but yeah, I think he’d be a good head coach. They’ve got talent on both sides of the ball, and the offense seems like it could get rolling with a little nudge (and a QB)


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