Don't believe the Hype, Dan Quinn is not the front runner

Lets get one thing clear, while I won't be shocked if Quinn gets the nod, I think the media's claims that Quinn is the obvious front runner are naive at best and lazy at worst. I get it, they worked together before in Miami but I also get that was a very short period of time. But lets put ourselves in Paton's shoes, here's what he knows, the Broncos will have a new owner come sometime in March. This is his first time as a GM, the coach he hires will likely have a 5 year contract, fully guaranteed. So don't believe that Paton in anyway has his mind made up, this isn't Elway chasing Vance Joseph or Kubiak, or settling for Fangio. Paton knows in large measure of how he is viewed as a GM will be this hire, he will have a new ownership group that will likely be more than a little perturbed if Paton just gave the HC job to Quinn cause that was his buddy and he passed on much better candidates. Quinn's record as a HC leaves a lot to be desired, and one could argue that his success was more due to Kyle Shanahan versus Quinn. As we have seen, we are turning over a lot of stone, and I say good, that's what we need. We need someone who is going to carefully weigh all options and make sure we are getting the right coach and staff in place. That coach has a vision and clear plan. I commend Paton for being more than willing to go into this with a true open mind. So lets just pump the brakes on Quinn being the front-runner, if anything I think it is a more than even race, which each candidate getting a more than legit shot to impress.

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