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What would Bengals OC Brian Callahan bring as the Broncos head coach?

I spoke with All Bengals and Locked On Bengals Mike Santagata to find out if Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan would be a good head coach for the Denver Broncos head.

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
Could Callahan be the right fit?
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Brian Callahan may be a familiar name in Broncos Country, but a lot has changed since he was an assistant on Josh McDaniels, John Fox, and Gary Kubiak’s staffs. Since Super Bowl 50, the 37-year-old has become a rising star in coaching circles. He spent two seasons as Matthew Stafford’s quarterback coach with the Detroit Lions before heading west to California to serve in the same role for the Oakland Raiders. Following the 2018 season he received an opportunity to become Zac Taylor’s offensive coordinator on the Cincinnati Bengals. Fast forward three short seasons, and he’s set to interview with the Denver Broncos to become their next head coach.

To get a better idea as to what Callahan could offer the Broncos in a potential return to Denver, I reached out to All Bengals and Locked on Bengals Mike Santagata.

1st and 10

Callahan’s been Cincinnati’s offensive coordinator for three years, and during that time the Bengals have had some low lows and very high highs. What do you think of the work he’s done? Unless I’m mistaken, Zac Taylor is the play caller in Cincinnati, no?

Santagata: It’s hard to be certain what is him and what is Taylor or Pollack, but by all accounts he is heavily involved in this offense. I think he’s done an admirable job even if Zac Taylor has the final say on play calls. The designs have been creative and a huge part of why it’s successful. I think he also plays a good roll in playcalling. He’s up in the box for a reason.

2nd and 8

The Broncos are a team with a talented supporting cast held back by one of the shakier quarterback rooms in the NFL. Do you think Callahan would be able to groom a young passer if they elect to chase one in the NFL Draft?

Santagata: I think so. He was instrumental in helping Burrow come back from his knee injury. He came up with different drills and ways to make him more comfortable in the pocket and is one of the most influential coaches on him.

3rd and 4

In George Paton’s press conference he emphasized the need to find a head coach who can be the leader of the whole football team. Do you think Callahan is ready to step into that kind of role?

Santagata: That’s tough. He’s only 3 years into his tenure in Cincinnati. Prior to that he was only with the Raiders for one year as the QB coach. I think this is something they’d have to take a gamble on.

4th and 2

How will Bengals fans feel if Callahan takes the Broncos head coaching job?

Santagata: I think most fans would be upset about losing him. I certainly would be.

Extra Points

Do you think Callahan would be a good fit as the Broncos head coach?

Santagata: I think so. It’s early, but with the way team’s are hiring these smart OCs, you can’t really wait anymore. The Bengals hired Taylor in a similar spot where he might have looked too young for the role, but in his third season he won the division and is in the playoffs.


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