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Do the Broncos have the most desirable head coaching opening in the NFL?

Probably not, but its probably a heck of a lot more attractive than people realize. Sign up to participate in our next survey.

SB Nation Reacts surveys this week hit the topic of head coaching positions. Which job out there is the most desirable open position in the NFL? I was surprised to see the Miami Dolphins took the top spot. I actually rated them below the Chicago Bears and above the Jacksonville Jaguars. Whoever takes that job has to know that the owner will fire you for winning more games than losing... in the AFC East where the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots are dominating.

If I had put the Denver Broncos somewhere, I would probably put them in the #1 spot, but you could argue me into the #2 spot against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have some dynamic talent on offense and an above average quarterback in Kirk Cousins. Certainly that would rival the Broncos currently quarterback situation.

Denver’s general manager George Paton cleaned house the day after the season ended for the Broncos, firing Vic Fangio after three consecutive losing seasons and a 19-30 overall record. Confidence in Broncos Country hit new lows at 18% last week, but that has instantly bounced back as news of all the firings hit the airwaves along with our weekly survey.

I would expect this number to rise even further after we all jump on the hopium bandwagon once Paton makes the new head coaching hire. We’ll all talked ourselves into it too, so be okay with all of that. I voted “not confident” on this poll and it still went to 66%. My no vote was based more on waiting to see who Paton hires to replace Fangio.

It’ll be interesting to see these poll results after the Broncos make their new head coaching hire and we learn who the coordinators will be. That’ll gauge how much excitement (or lack thereof) fans might have heading into the 2022 offseason.