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What Super Bowl matchup would you like to see?

There are eight teams remaining in the playoff hunt. Which of those eight teams would you most like to see reach the Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos are obviously no longer in the race, but there are eight teams still fighting for a Super Bowl berth. In our latest SB Nation Reacts survey, we asked people who they’d like to see reach the big game from each conference and I think Broncos Country would be okay with this matchup.

First up is the AFC and gone are the darling Kansas City Chiefs with their Patrick Mahomes as the Buffalo Bills with Josh Allen have arrived.

They have to get past the Chiefs on the road first.

Next up is the NFC and we’re really going to like these results as it’ll include our beloved Von Miller playing for his new team in the Los Angeles Rams.

They have to get past the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the ageless Tom Brady.

This is the exact Super Bowl matchup I am hoping for. I think a Bills-Rams game would be fireworks in the making as both have dynamic offenses and strong defenses. That would be a fun game to watch and one I think might be won by Buffalo.

The last thing I found interesting from this weeks’ survey was the question about whether or not we think expanding the playoffs to seven teams was a good idea.

This is where I definitely diverged from popular opinion. I voted no. Both of the seven seeded teams were completely overmatched and dismantled by their opponents last week. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone to argue that either of those games were “fun” to watch.

Do I think the NFL will revert back to the old format? Absolutely not. The money there is too lucrative and they will likely only look at further expansion, not a retraction at this point.

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