Youth MUST Be Served!!!

We need to avoid the trade market for vet QB's unless we can get a bargain like TB was. I know, I know... TB wasn't a good QB, but he was a bargain for what we paid him, and paid to get him.

Being mediocre is the worst case situation to be in. Bottom tier playoff team or just missing the playoffs. Horribad. If we give up 1st round pix, we are gambling away a bright future. Rodgers, Wilson, Watson, Cousins... Any idea how they were rated as prospects coming out of college? None were considered cream of the crop, top 10 pick worthy. Prescott, Garapolo, L. Jackson... All would go much higher in a re-draft/hindsight situation.

We need to trade back, get more pix for this draft and next year, and still draft a QB very late in the 1st or on down the line in the 2nd.

If we could get a future 1st, and a 2nd this year by trading into the 20-40 range, it should be a no brainer. Trading for a vet QB will erode our current talent that is flashing great value, while also draining our top future pix. Even if you believe Mr. Rodgers could get us to the promised land, you have to envision our roster AFTER we trade for him. Cap room GONE. No 1st pick for years, and maybe lose a 2nd this year too. Plus a young player or 2 gone. Maybe a few guys sign here cheap to play with Rodgers, but that's no guarantee. Sure we score more points, but what did we lose on D? P. Manning was a free agent, high character, high IQ, league diplomat. Rodgers is almost a polar opposite. He's much more Diva than Football lifer like Brady.

Trade back, ignore the top tier tackles, and steal Max Mitchell in the 2nd. Highest rated college tackle last season, albeit at a lower level program. I believe guys coming from lesser schools have more boom potential since they SHOULD be getting much better coaching and have a better supporting cast. That's why I like Strong and Willis at QB. They didn't have 4 and 5 star team mates all over to help boost their production. They were the focus of the defensive game plan. Coral and Pickett weren't laden with talented teams either, but they are going to go higher than the 20's, otherwise we should trade back up if we moved way back from 9.

Load up on the 2nd round gems that might be diamonds in the rough. Moving 9 for an early 2, a future 1, and a 3rd would be ideal. Takes two to tango, but I'd be advertising #9 right now. Somebody wants to trade for Rodgers? Deal 9 to them for a kings ransom in future pix. Kinda like a 3 team trade in the NBA. Try to get a bonus off a team that is desperate. Get some extra 2's and 3's and draft more of the Browning's, Minerz/gut belly boys, and Sterns or JaVonte type 2nd round values. Sure, we might miss out on a Surtain, but we'd be in position for those top talents next off season. Solidify both lines by moving back to 20ish, and then back from 20ish to 40ish somehow if you can find a trade partner, then go for Faalele, M. Mitchell, or the 2nd/3rd best center or guard. Grab a falling DE/OLB or DT. The best slot corner or MLB. We could use a burner WR. Losing Hamler took the deep threat away, which let DB's cheat up on our big bodied WR's and TE's. Being able to deploy 2 speed demons in varying combos would open up the middle greatly. Send Hamler deep twice to gas the DB's then sub our other fresh burner to gas guys on 3rd down. Run a flea flicker on 1st every couple games to force defenses to honor the deep routes. Hopfully by the 3rd or 4th quarter, DB's are gasping in the mile high air. Pound the rock on the road with our new gadget back we spent our extra 3rd on. Set up the team with cheap controlled youth, add QB's in the 20-40 range and be ready to trade aggressively in the 23 draft. Lock can easily overthrow our new speedy toys, so use the threat of his arm to stretch the field and open up the mid range if he beats out our new 2nd round QB.

Build our lines and stock our future picks at the same dam time!!! Huge cap space for impact non QB players too. Get some creative new school coaches and add some dynamic speed as well. Your way could work too. Just my pipe dream for this draft cycle...

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