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Would you like to see Aaron Rodgers come to play for Denver?

Surprisingly, there is a lot of pushback on the idea of bringing Aaron Rodgers to Denver. Where do you stand on this question?

After another rough playoff exit for Aaron Rodgers, there seemed to be a lot of pushback on social media from fans out there on the idea of bringing him to play for the Denver Broncos. His statline was fine as he completed 20/29 for 225, but couldn’t find the end zone on that frigid night in Green Bay.

There is no situation where bringing in Rodgers wouldn’t lead to really great success in Denver. I think the issue lies more in people’s problem with Rodgers and his personality. For the most part, that seems to be why people can’t stand him and would rather stay the course at quarterback here in Denver.

My stance on Rodgers falls more into the ‘what would it cost’ category. There was one report this week confidently predicting the Broncos would send four first round picks, a couple of seconds, and Jerry Jeudy to the Green Bay Packers for a 38 year-old Rodgers. If that’s the asking price, they can kiss my rear end. If you are sending anything more than two first round picks, just run it back this season, accumulate picks for the 2023 NFL Draft and then trade the farm to move up for a guy. To trade away four years of talent for a guy who might play 2-3 years is just dumb.

What are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and a potential pairing with the Broncos this season?

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