What does "Develop a Quarterback" mean to you?

To me, this means trying to get a QB, even an older vet QB, to learn the nuances of your offensive playbook and the defensive looks you are hoping for when a particular play is called.

Timing routes properly, knowing where your hot/safety valve reciever is, how many reads to execute, amount of time that should be.

At 3 steps is read 1, plant and throw if it's there, or pump fake it, then at 5 steps read 2, plant and fire, or look for your safety valve. Hoping this call is vs. Cover 2, man to man ect.

If you think the defense is in man, based on this shift/motion, their positionig ect; and my playcall is for zone, then audible to play x,y,z, that is designed for man coverage from the same formation.

My son believes it has more to do with mechanics, footwork, reading defenses, and improving accuracy through the results of better footwork and mechanics.

Then we basically concluded that it's all these things and more, because it depends on what the QB needs.

If our coaches are good at teaching mechanics, but we draft a QB with great mechanics but poor footwork, how much can his footwork be developed by a staff that isn't GREAT at footwork development? What if the QB responds best to teaching and a gentle approach, but our coaches cuss, yell, and scream at every mistake.

Maturity??? How can we elicit work ethic and good study habits or proper off the field behavior with a newly able to drink 21 or 22 y.o. rookie, new milionaire, who can buy every game/car/toy he ever dreamed of and buy a mansion to keep it in? Yell at Paxton daily, and all of the sudden, he'd rather stay home and play video games.

I wanted Brian Daboll to be our new head coach because of my astonishment with QB Allen's development.

But maybe he was Great at what Allen needed help with? Does that mean he'll be great with what our QB, who presumably isn't on the roster, needs? We don't even know what he needs yet, unless our new coach hitches his wagon to D. Lock and how he can Un-Lock Lock, and open up his greatness.

Coaching is so subjective and introspective with changing dynamics. Gotta know what buttons to push. With QB's, position coaches, trainers, players, and potentially spoiled superstar attitudes, I'm sure it's a nightmare trying figure it all out...

A nightmare i wish i had...

Have i mentioned my Candidacy?!!

What does develop a QB mean to you???

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