If decision today, then Fangio gone

Probably not the most insightful take you'll see this year, but I saw that the decision to keep Fangio would be made today, and if he's keeping him or thinking about it, it doesn't make a lot of sense to make a decision that fast. Therefore, Fangio will be fired.

I honestly can't see Paton cleaning house and firing them all, Munchak as a for instance, is a better coach than we'll find out there. I think he'll get rid of Fangio and Shurmur and then maybe let the rest make their own decisions or wait for the new coach to do so.

It's got to be done, but I'm sorry to see Fangio go. He's done some great jobs defensively and seems like a decent fellow. For me, the tipping point was some time last year when he had this very confused look on his face about game management and it reminded me of Vance Joseph. But he will be a great DC for someone out there.

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