My vision forward.....

My goal is to bring solutions, not problem I think this is one of many gaps in the old regime!

I was VERY impressed with the game against KC and was wondering 'where was this all year'! Upon reflection, I think this was a bit of players taking ownership and playing for their next coach! The players are saying We are better than our tape & record, and this is why! Players can grade coaching WAY BETTER than we fans can! I think this was a statement effort on the players part! If I am a potential coach, I really a) like that product and b) believe some offensive philosophy can get them to the 28-31 point average on offense [and 10 wins/playoffs!].

So, for Head Coach, I want the following criteria in my mythical dream candidate:

  • Second-time Head Coach. Learn the ropes on someone else's team. Best coaches are typically on their second team. ONLY their second team, no third-team plus retreads! Head Coach is hard!
  • MUST have a creative Offensive Background. I think this game is a microcosm of the impact a run/pass QB threat can have on the game. Both Mahomes and Lock were not there passing, but both used their legs to keep each team competitive.
  • Switch Defense to a 4-3 base. We use 4 man fronts in Nickel and Dime anyways, so pivot there. I believe Von Miller was the reason we stayed in a 3-4 base, and he is gone. DT are Purcell and S Harris. DE is Jones and Chubb. Plenty in the LB pool to get MLB and SLB. Really, only gap is WLB/Rover type of player. This is the lighter speed/cover/blitz guy like an Isaiah Simmons type. I am thinking maybe Browning in this role? No more 235 pound OLB's please!
  • I want a staff that COACHES players and not SYSTEMS! If you come in with one system, see ya! Coaches should adapt their system to amplify the players strengths and try to hide their weaknesses! This is how you get premium results from average talent IMO! DUH!
  • Get someone who can evaluate QB's. I think Paton can, but buying in FA is not the way to fill this position. If Stafford gets two Firsts, a Third, AND Goff, what would you ask for Rodgers (39) or Wilson (33)? So, I am assuming either they aren't moving or Paton will NOT over-pay for them. My realistic pool of VALUE trade QB's are:
  1. Watson(26): Not a great person, but trade the house. Already under contract and not a bad deal dollar wise (low $40M and high 30M) for about 4 more years. I would give up three conditional first rounds for him, plus Fant (see below) and perhaps another player!
  2. Cousins (33): Huge number and one year left. Vikings would push for Post-June 1 cut. Looks like a zero hit and a cap number of $45M. Obviously, re-negotiate that. I would aim for next years first straight up (because of June 1 window). Renegotiate to add years for cap relief.Paying with future picks is a value move!
  3. Matt Ryan: Oldest (36), but give up this next years 1 straight up. Try to renegotiate his deal to add years cap impact. Also, HUGE cap hit before June 1 and manageable afterwards. Same logic as above.
  • Go forward tenants for the Broncos. Aggressive multi-dimensional offense, continue Fangio coverage principles with a 4 man front, make the 'Special' Teams Special again, and trade/remove players that are coasting on their draft ranking [Fant , Ford, and perhaps Chubb!] who are not performing. Broncos reward performance and do not care where/if you were drafted. This rewards play and has the 'Jimmy Johnson' effort of having players a little concerned over their jobs/performance!

There you go, this is my blueprint forward for my beloved Broncos! Tell me what you like and do not like in comments and lets get this RIGHT going forwards! GO BRONCOS!

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