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NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

This continues to be one of the most unpredictable seasons we’ve seen in a while.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Five weeks are in the books for this NFL season, and I have little idea what the playoffs are going to look like in 13 weeks. Just be happy that no game, even the Texans vs Jags, was even close to as bad as the Thursday night matchup was. The only thing that might be worse than that game was Tom Brady getting yet another horrible roughing the passer flag thrown in his favor.

When we all thought that the AFC West was going to be the pinnacle of football, so far it’s none other than the NFC East of all places that has currently proved us wrong. The Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants have all had strong starts to their seasons, and that has really given Broncos Country even more heartache because we really missed out on having Brian Daboll as Denver’s head coach.

The Broncos take a predictable drop in the rankings this week after their putrid performance on national television that featured an inept offense that was led by a quarterback that couldn’t see a wide open receiver. I doubt that this is the last time that they plunge further down this list.

Mover of the Week: Dallas Cowboys (up six spots). America’s team once again rose the most spots from the previous week. Is their defense actually elite? Are they actually playing up to expectations? Knowing the Cowboys, they’ll ride this wave into the postseason, only to lose in heartbreaking fashion.

Week 6 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous Ranking (Week 3)
Rank Team Previous Ranking (Week 3)
1 Bills - Bills
2 Chiefs - Chiefs
3 Eagles - Eagles
4 Ravens +1 Packers
5 49ers +3 Ravens
6 Packers -2 Dolphins
7 Chargers - Chargers
8 Bucs +1 49ers
9 Cowboys +6 Bucs
10 Cardinals - Cardinals
11 Vikings +1 Rams
12 Titans +2 Vikings
13 Rams -2 Bengals
14 Dolphins -8 Titans
15 Bengals -2 Cowboys
16 Giants +5 Broncos
17 Raiders - Raiders
18 Patriots +4 Saints
19 Jets +7 Colts
20 Saints -2 Browns
21 Browns -1 Giants
22 Broncos -6 Patriots
23 Colts -4 Jags
24 Jags -1 Steelers
25 Lions - Lions
26 Steelers -2 Jets
27 Seahawks +1 Falcons
28 Falcons -1 Seahawks
29 Texans +3 Commanders
30 Bears - Bears
31 Commanders -2 Panthers
32 Panthers -1 Texans