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Broncos at Chargers preview: Denver looks to get first AFC West win of 2022

The Broncos head to LA for their second division game of the season. Here are Denver’s keys to victory.

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos struggle in the AFC West ...

Except when they play the Los Angeles Chargers.

Dating back to 2019, Denver is 4-2 against the AFC West rival. The Broncos can’t beat the Las Vegas Raiders or Kansas City Chiefs, but at least they have success against the Chargers.

Can Denver continue that theme on Monday Night Football against the Chargers?

DraftKings Sportsbook certainly doesn’t think so. The Broncos are a +5-point underdog (-105) to LA. That’s a shift from +6.5 just a few days ago. It’ll be interesting to see if the line jumps back to 6 at some point before Monday. The total sits at 45.5. From a “value” perspective, the Broncos moneyline sits at +205, especially if you think they’ll win outright.

Offensive Rankings

Denver: Eighteenth in overall offense (343.6 yards per game), 19th in rushing (112.6), 19th in passing (231.0), 31st in scoring offense (15.0 points per game).

LA Chargers: Fifth in overall offense (390.4 yards per game), 22nd in rushing (99.2), second in passing (291.2), ninth in scoring offense (24.4 points per game).

Defensive Rankings

Denver: Third in overall defense (289.0 yards per game), 15th in rushing defense (112.4), first in passing defense (176.6), fourth in scoring defense (16.0 points per game).

LA Chargers: Twenty-third in overall defense (368.2 yards per game), 25th in rushing defense (130.4), 20th in passing defense (237.8), 30th in scoring defense (27.2 points per game).

Here are the MHR staff’s keys to Monday night’s game.

Do your job

No doubt this is a cliche, but if the Broncos want to get the “road” win, every single person on the roster and coaching staff needs to do their job. That will take care of the little issues that manifest into larger issues. Do your job and Denver will put itself in a position to get the victory. — Ian St. Clair

Get and stay on the same page

The film from the Colts game was littered with missed opportunities on offense from guys not being on the same page or just general offensive lack of cohesion. I don’t buy the Russ is washed narratives, but I do think he’s missing a lot of makeable plays and there’s not alignment with what Hackett is trying to do concept-wise and what’s executed on the field.If Denver can overcome that, they have a chance to begin building momentum on offense, which is what this team desperately needs. — Jeff Essary

Make better decisions

The Broncos have had far too many head scratchers this season. Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes. That has to change. Whether you want to pin the issues on Nathaniel Hackett or Russell Wilson makes no difference. The decisions being made on the field have to get better. Understanding the situation and making the correct call could have given the Broncos two more wins. They have to start being smarter now. — Adam Malnati

Score a touchdown

The Broncos have lost every game this year when they are kept out of the end zone. True offensive success comes from not relying on your kicker to score every point. If Denver is able to score a touchdown against the Colts, then their chances of victory increase exponentially. — Ross Allen

Just win the effing game

Not much else needs to be said. — Tim Lynch

What are your keys to Monday’s game?