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Are the Broncos now a “coach away” from competing?

As hilarious as it is to ask this question, but are the Denver Broncos now a ‘coach away’ from winning? They were a ‘quarterback away’ as early as February...

As a diehard Denver Broncos fan, I can attest to the fact that most of us have believed this franchise was a “quarterback away from competing” again in the AFC. We believed they had all of the talent on offense and defense to win games... if only they had a quarterback.

And yet, here we are.

As frustrating as Vic Fangio was at times, he certainly seems more competent in comparison to Nathaniel Hackett’s first five games. Fangio’s defense was on par at least to Ejiro Evero’s, but it was Fangio’s offense that suddenly seems more competent. With a myriad of quarterbacks that are no longer considered NFL starters, Fangio’s teams were better on third downs, in the red zone, and in scoring. The trifecta of competence that seemed incompetent at the time. Now under Hackett, we’ve had to redefine what qualifies as competent since new lows are now being set.

The begs the question. We’ve got a quarterback. So now is this franchise just a “coach away from competing” again in the AFC?

It was a topic discussed in the Something Something Broncos episode above and I thought it would be fun to debate the issue (yet again) here on the site.