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The Broncos can turn the season around on Monday Night

They will have to overcome some major obstacles to make it happen

As the Denver Broncos prepare to take on the Los Angeles Chargers there is a theme running through my head.

Smart football.

At 2-3, and heading into a Monday Night Football matchup with the Chargers, there is a coincidental echo of history. Ten years ago Peyton Manning was in almost the exact same position as the new QB for the Broncos. Things were not looking great, but after being down 24-0 at halftime, PFM and the defense turned things around, and the rest is history.

Now Russell Wilson is the new QB in Broncos Country. The record is the same, but the concerns are different. The issues on this Broncos team stem more from a concern about football IQ.

I mentioned it again with Ian St. Clair on Odds and Endzones. Stupidity is killing the Broncos. That doesn’t mean Denver is dead, though.

If Nathaniel Hackett and Russell Wilson want to turn things around, the decision making is going to have to improve. A task that is easier said than done.

Not just because I have concerns about Hackett’s ability to be a head coach, or Wilson’s fit in Hackett’s offense. Beyond those issues, which I believe will get better, there are serious injury concerns.

If Denver is going to turn things around it will be with an offensive line that doesn’t include Garett Bolles. That will have a major impact on the offense. The running attack, which is already suffering from an injury to Javonte Williams, will struggle to gain traction. Pass blocking becomes a concern. One of Wilson’s reasons for wanting out of Seattle was the issues on the offensive line.

With an important AFC West match up looming large, Denver finds itself at a crossroad. If the offense can find a rhythm the Broncos should be able to pull out a win. If not, it could be another tough prime time showing for Denver.