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5 things to watch from Broncos-Chargers game

Here are five things to watch from the Denver Broncos if they are to beat the Los Angeles Chargers on the road in Week 6.

In our MHR Live show every Monday, Ross Allen talks Denver Broncos. This week he gets to do a game preview since Denver plays on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers, so a little different format this week! He’ll be live from 10am-11am today, so please head on over to Twitch.TV and talk some Broncos this morning.

There are five important things to watch for in this game that will help Denver get over the hump and beat their AFC West rival.

1. Limit sacks; Khalil Mack will probably be a problem tonight

With Garett Bolles done for the season, it’ll be on Calvin Anderson to hold things down and give Russell Wilson enough time to get the ball out. This might be the biggest question mark for the Broncos tonight.

2. Play calling that plays to Russell Wilson’s strengths

Get Wilson on the move. The short, quick passing game isn’t something Wilson excels at so start getting him moving in space and throw the ball while rolling out. Anything to help create plays on offense is something Hackett needs to focus on.

3. Catch the dang ball

The Broncos have the second-most drops in the NFL right now. However, so do the Chargers. There are five teams tied for first in drops ahead of the Broncos. This is an odd stat, but even if there are eight teams with the second-most or worst drops in the NFL the Broncos wide receivers do need to start holding onto the ball.

4. Win on 1st down

Denver’s biggest problem on first downs is the self inflicted wounds. Time and again the Broncos have given themselves a negative play during a drive that had been looking like a successful drive. Instead, a penalty or a sack would push them out of field goal range and into a punt formation. That’s got to stop.

5. Baron Browning and Bradley Chubb continue outstanding season, get to Justin Herbert

The Chargers offensive line is a bit banged up and this could present a nice opportunity for Baron Browning and Bradley Chubb to get after Justin Herbert. If they can keep the pressure going all game long, then the Broncos offense will have ample opportunity to compete in this game.

What do the Broncos need to do to beat the Chargers tonight? Let’s discuss in the comments section below.