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If it were up to Twitter, Nathaniel Hackett would be a goner in Denver

It won’t be up to Twitter, but that doesn’t mean the Denver Broncos head coach is safe.

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

After a Broncos’ win, Twitter is fun.

After a loss, it’s a dumpster fire.

Which also describes what many fans in Broncos Country think about this team following the 19-16 OT loss to division rival Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night.

Between the poor play calling, the awful third-down conversion rate and the complete lack of scoring, there was very little to love about the offense (after the first quarter) but a lot to be angry about.

But it wasn’t all bad, either.

At least not the entire game. In fact, it started out quite awesome, actually.

The first-quarter touchdown drive had fans getting hopeful that the offense really had figured it out and Russell Wilson was going to be “The Old Russ Wilson” and not just the old Russell Wilson.

And the defense once again hung in until the end, doing its job to keep an explosive offense from running away from the score.

There were some highly suspect calls by the refs too - and some that possibly changed the score, even if they may not have changed the outcome.

But this loss hurt.

After a hot start and a defense that just. kept. bringing. it. ... overcoming this kind of play calling may also be getting to the locker room.

And that would mean that any hope for the team turning this around could be a pipe dream.

If the coach has lost the locker room, his job is doomed no matter what - but it could be sooner rather than later.

Even #FireHackett was trending on Twitter.

In Week 6!

The problem, of course, is getting rid of Hackett right now doesn’t allow for many good options to make it instantly better.

The entire staff is inexperienced. And in a big way.

Perhaps Sir Lewis Hamilton is looking for a short-term gig? He could hardly be any worse as a head coach.