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NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

Six weeks are in the books and there are two teams that stand out from the rest

We have learned a few things after six weeks: Brady should regret coming back from retirement, Marcus Mariota is the biggest boom or bust QB in the league, and the NFL still doesn’t know what roughing the passer is. We also can now clearly see which teams are bound to lead their conferences to the playoffs, and what teams are going to end up in the basement.

The best team in football, the Buffalo Bills, overcame a late missed call against the Chiefs and secured a huge win, potentially securing home field advantage come playoffs in the process. Von Miller proved to the league that he is still one of the best, if not the best at rushing the passer. Also, just a reminder that this game was not a “revenge” game. Stop it.

The Broncos once again dropped down the rankings after blowing it against the Chargers on Monday Night Football. Denver moves to 0-2 on MNF this year, and a total of 1-3 in prime time games. The league’s schedulers must really be regretting their decisions. The Broncos have tons of issues, but there are none more glaring than play calling. They looked solid in the first quarter, but the rest of the game was nothing but predictable play after screen after predictable play. When it will stop, nobody knows.

Mover of the Week: New York Giants (up eight spots). While the boys in blue may be benefiting a lot from the top teams on the list losing in Week 6, they have been seemingly transformed into a good football team. They are the only team this year that has overcome a two-score deficit three times. Just goes to show how important coaching is. A lesson to organizations everywhere. Take note, Denver.

Week 7 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 6)
Rank Team Previous (Week 6)
1 Bills - Bills
2 Eagles +1 Chiefs
3 Chiefs -1 Eagles
4 Chargers +3 Ravens
5 Ravens -1 49ers
6 49ers -1 Packers
7 Cowboys +2 Chargers
8 Giants +8 Bucs
9 Vikings +2 Cowboys
10 Packers -4 Cardinals
11 Bucs -3 Vikings
12 Titans - Titans
13 Rams - Rams
14 Bengals +1 Dolphins
15 Jets +4 Bengals
16 Patriots +2 Giants
17 Cardinals -7 Raiders
18 Raiders - Patriots
19 Dolphins -5 Jets
20 Saints - Saints
21 Colts +2 Browns
22 Browns -1 Broncos
23 Seahawks +4 Colts
24 Broncos -2 Jags
25 Steelers +2 Lions
26 Falcons +3 Steelers
27 Jags -3 Seahawks
28 Lions -3 Falcons
29 Texans - Texans
30 Commanders +1 Bears
31 Bears -1 Commanders
32 Panthers - Panthers